This top Democrat ran for his life after being asked one question about electric vehicles

Apr 29, 2024

Electric vehicles are the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s Green New Deal.

But Biden is facing an unexpected backlash.

And this top Democrat ran for his life after being asked one question about electric vehicles.

Biden wants to ban gas powered cars by 2032

Joe Biden recently imposed a new mandate to force Americans to buy Bidenmobiles by 2023.

Biden won’t ban gas powered cars outright.

Instead, Biden’s new tailpipe emissions standards will make manufacturing and purchasing gas powered vehicles prohibitively expensive.

Killing the gas powered car industry would kill as many as 117,000 car manufacturing jobs.

That won’t play well in the industrial Midwest – where the 2024 election is likely to be decided.

Vulnerable Democrats know this.

That’s why Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) ran from questions about if he supports Biden’s gas powered car ban.

Conservatives go on the attack

Bidenmobiles cost on average about $5,000 more than normal cars and travel shorter distances.

It’s no great shock that Senate Democrats don’t want their fingerprints all over a scheme that increases the cost and inconvenience of commuting by car for the American people.

Brown is one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats running for re-election this year.

And with Republicans only needing to flip two seats to retake the majority, the Bidenmobile mandate could prove to be the deciding factor in which party controls the Senate in 2025.

Conservatives sensed an opportunity.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the video of Brown fleeing rather than answering for his support for Joe Biden’s Green New Deal.

“That’s because Sherrod Brown is a Green New Deal radical who agrees with Biden!!!” Trump Jr. posted on X.

Brown’s opponent – Trump-endorsed Bernie Moreno – slammed Biden’s mandate as a “manic move” that will “destroy” the American auto industry and ship jobs overseas to Communist China.

“This manic move to electric vehicles is going to destroy the auto industry in America.”

“You look at the Buick electric vehicles that are coming out – almost all of them made in China. The Lincoln electric vehicles are all going to be mostly produced in China. The batteries are mostly produced in China,” Moreno stated. “So we’re going to hand our auto industry, which at one point was almost seven percent of our gross domestic product (GDP), over to our enemy, China. It is insane.”

Moreno explained how Biden – who is facing allegations he’s compromised by the Communist Chinese through foreign business deals – served the interests of China’s global expansion with this mandate.

“China has a company that people will start hearing a lot about called BYD,” Moreno added. “They’re building these giant, massive factories in Mexico and want to ship these cars over to the U.S. – $15,000-$20,000 electric vehicles – that would decimate our auto industry in America. Sherrod Brown is all in for that.”

Sherrod Brown wants to run away from the fact that he linked arms with Joe Biden in supporting the Green New Deal, a scheme to cripple America’s auto industry and that will benefit the Communist Chinese.

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