Hillary Clinton went into therapy over this major Supreme Court decision 

May 14, 2024

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

Clinton’s never gotten over that failure.

And now Hillary Clinton went into therapy over this major Supreme Court decision.

Hillary Clinton still showing her face in public despite humiliating 2016 election loss 

Hillary Clinton returned to the MSNBC airwaves ostensibly to discuss the Broadway play Suffs, of which she is a producer.

Suffs – a musical pushing three hours about women getting the right to vote where the cast members are all women or non-binary – is already seeing houses with 20 percent empty seats.

That’s a bad sign for a new show that opened at the height of Broadway season when the Tony Awards are just a month away.

But rather than have viewers sit through Clinton blathering on about her bomb of a play, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski thought it would be better served to have Clinton drone on about the stakes of the 2024 election.

Brzezinski prefaced her question to Clinton by saying she was going to kickoff ‘Therapy with Hillary’ and then proceed to launch into a rant about the various ways Trump was able to successfully delay the sham criminal cases Democrats tried to put him through.

Lawfare as a strategy to win the election was failing, and Brzezinski wanted Hillary to commemorate with the audience.

Hillary Clinton appearance on Morning Joe turns into national therapy session for liberals 

“I’d like to call this part of this segment ‘Therapy with Hillary,’ if I may, because she needs another role, therapist. I know a lot of people ask you this question so I want to ask you for our viewers about not just abortion, which I’ll get to in a moment, and women’s rights, but about former President Donald Trump who is in criminal court in New York City for this hush money thing,” Brzezinski began.

“Meanwhile the documents case is delayed, meanwhile Georgia, what’s going on here — everything seems to be delayed and moving down the road and there are even those who argue this Manhattan case is not as big, it’s not serious, and he might get off anyway or not,” Brzezinski continued.

“How do people manage, especially people who really love this democracy, who take it seriously, who take the words you just said on our show very seriously, that you can’t just sit back and let democracy come to you, that this is everyday something we all must work on together — what do you say to people when they ask you about the former president, these trials, and these delays, and the fear that they feel about the upcoming election?” Brzezinski concluded.

Democrats know that Joe Biden can’t win this election on his own.

Biden and Kamala Harris are historically unpopular.

That’s why they counted on the courts as their firewall.

But once these bogus cases got beyond hand-picked left-wing ideologues masquerading as trial judges, the paper-thin legal basis for these cases evaporated under the slightest judicial scrutiny.

Hillary whines about the Supreme Court 

“Mika, I’m happy to go to therapy with you anytime because clearly the pressure and the stress on our system, our country, our Constitution, our future is so intense for those of us who understand what’s at stake and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way to others,” Clinton began.

“The Supreme Court is doing our country a grave disservice in not deciding the case about immunity,” Clinton added.

Clinton zeroed in on the Supreme Court delaying the January 6 trial in Washington, D.C. to settle Donald Trump’s appeal for Presidential immunity.

Conservative Justices signaled a common sense approach in oral arguments, making it clear they were uncomfortable with Biden prosecutor Jack Smith’s claim that Presidents enjoyed no immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts.

Smith’s argument – that it was okay to jail Trump, since in his view, Trump is a unique threat to democracy and that prosecutors wouldn’t retaliate against future Presidents because they were virtuous public servants – didn’t pass the laugh test.

But if Clinton wants to blame anyone for Donald Trump, she should blame herself.

Americans were so repulsed by the idea of her serving Barack Obama’s third term that they voted for Trump, someone Democrats say is a racist, sexist, fascist threat to democracy.

There is no self-awareness or reflection on the part of Hillary and the Democrats to examine why their message is failing and why Trump connects with voters.

Instead, they hold therapy sessions on national TV morning shows so professional-class liberals can calm their nerves without having to take a Xanax with a glass of wine.

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