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The 24-hour cable news cycle revolutionized the way Americans consumed news and information.

Unfortunately, corporate executives quickly took advantage of the situation and made it so cable news networks do nothing but regurgitate the same narratives and contrived debate hour after hour from an ever-rotating cast of characters and personalities.

24-7 Politics exists to cut through the noise and deliver our readers the hard-hitting stories they need to know about.

The team of experts employed by 24-7 Politics have more than a combined century’s worth of experience working on the front lines in Washington, D.C. and in State Capitols across the country on everything from electoral politics to running major legislative programs.

The news they don’t want you to know

Just like how the printing press first democratized the flow of information in the 1500s, the Internet once promised the same capabilities.

But after the 2016 campaign, Democrats and the Deep State began collaborating to drown out anything but their preferred narratives allegedly to fight “misinformation.”

That’s why 24-7 Politics exists – to cut through the stories you’re being spoonfed by the corporate-controlled media – but we can’t do it alone.

It’ll take our readers subscribing, sharing, and engaging with our content regularly to cut past the gatekeepers and get the truth out to the world.

The team at 24-7 Politics works around the clock to report on what’s really going on because it’s the news you need to know.

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