Mike Johnson sold Donald Trump out to Jack Smith with one despicable answer

May 14, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson tried to portray himself as Donald Trump’s best buddy.

It was all an act.

And Mike Johnson sold Donald Trump out to Jack Smith with one despicable answer.

Mike Johnson sides with Jack Smith in trying to send Trump to jail for life

Mike Johnson (R-LA) counted on the support of 163 Democrats to survive a motion to vacate the chair and remove him as Speaker of the House.

Greene introduced the motion to vacate after Johnson abandoned all his conservative principles to serve as Joe Biden’s errand boy.

Johnson shepherded Biden’s $1.2 trillion government spending bill that fully funded open borders and transgender ideology through Congress.

Then Johnson cast the deciding vote to allow Biden to continue spying on Donald Trump and his supporters without first obtaining a warrant and reauthorizing the controversial FISA spying program.

Finally, Johnson muscled a $95 billion foreign slush fund that included another $61 billion taxpayer-funded bailout for Ukraine to Biden’s desk for signature.

When House Democrats endorsed Johnson as their Speaker of the House and announced their intention to support tabling the motion to vacate, Greene had one simple question.

“What slimy back room deal did Johnson make for the Democrats’ support?” Greene wrote on social media.

Johnson shows he’s Joe Biden’s man in Congress

Before Greene filed the motion to vacate, she met with Johnson and laid out her asks in hopes that Johnson would come to his senses.

One of Greene’s requests was that in the government funding fight coming up this fall, Johnson commit to defunding Jack Smith’s witch hunts against Donald Trump over January 6 and the Mar-a-Lago documents case.

This seemed like an easy lift.

Johnson stood up at a press conference and railed against the weaponization of the justice system by Biden against Trump.

But Johnson showed this was all for show and just a sop to keep Trump out of the fight to fire him as Speaker.

When POLITICO asked Johnson if he would defund Smith’s witch hunt, Johnson said he had no intention of trying to stop Smith from sending Trump to prison.

“That’s not something you wave a wand and just eliminate the special counsel as a provision,” Johnson replied.

Johnson claimed it was a “necessary function” of the Department of Justice for a Joe Biden prosecutor to try and jail Trump as he leads Biden in the polls.

“There is a necessity for a function like that, because sometimes the Department of Justice — which is an executive branch agency — can’t necessarily, without a conflict of interest, investigate or prosecute the president who’s their boss, or the president’s family,” Johnson added.

Even the media can’t believe Johnson’s latest betrayal 

Even the liberals at POLITICO couldn’t believe that Johnson would support funding Jack Smith’s crusade to deliver what amounts to a death sentence to Trump.

Reporters asked Johnson if he would support defunding Smith’s sham persecutions, which were nothing more than thinly disguised attempts at election interference.

“No,” Johnson confirmed.

Greene posted on social media that Johnson siding with Smith showed why it was so important to get everyone on the record about removing the compromised Johnson as Speaker of the House.

“Mike Johnson when asked if he will stop the witch hunt that aims to throw President Trump in jail FOR LIFE!” Greene wrote on X.

Donald Trump weighs in

Donald Trump posted that he didn’t support using the motion to vacate against Johnson at this time since, with just six months to go before the election, all focus should be on beating Joe Biden.

But Trump didn’t give Johnson a ringing endorsement.

Instead, Trump hinted he was furious at Johnson for double-crossing him on FISA reauthorization – Trump wanted Congress to let Biden’s illegal warrantless wiretapping program expire – and that conservatives should move to get rid of Johnson after November.

“At some point, we may very well be, but this is not the time,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“I also wish certain things were done over the last period of two months, but we will get them done, together,” Trump continued.

Trump is willing to forgive and forget a lot.

But it’s unlikely Trump will put aside the fact that Johnson gave his seal of approval to Jack Smith trying to interfere in the 2024 election and send Trump to prison until the day he dies.


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