Joe Biden got body slammed on CNN for making this crazy blunder

May 15, 2024

CNN’s no longer a safe space for Joe Biden.

Biden’s learning that lesson the hard way.

And Joe Biden got body slammed on CNN for making this crazy blunder.

Former Obama chief strategist warns Biden is adopting a losing political message

Joe Biden doesn’t do many sit-down interviews.

Biden’s handlers are terrified of what will happen if the cognitively impaired Biden answers unscripted questions.

But even a kid gloves interview on CNN went off the rails.

CNN commentator and former Barack Obama chief strategist David Axelrod was aghast at the performance Biden turned in.

“I don’t understand this,” Axelrod told his fellow CNN panelists.

Every poll shows Americans trust Trump more than Biden on the economy; they blame Biden for inflation and think the state of the economy is poor.

Axelrod was flabbergasted at the fact that Biden went into this interview and adopted the same posture of Bidenonmics being a success after lighting $25 million on fire last year for TV commercials that pushed that same failed message.

“I don’t understand all these months later, you know, I thought they spent $25 million mistakenly last fall touting Bidenomics and making the same argument that the president is making here,” Axelrod stated.

What Biden said

In the interview, CNN’s Erin Burnett pressed Biden on the fact that inflation caused Americans to take a pay cut, the cost of buying a house is up, and that polls show the public prefers Trump to him on handling the economy.

Biden defiantly claimed he was doing a good job, but the people were too dumb to see how good the country had it.

“We’ve already turned it around,” Biden claimed before arguing polls show they believed they were “personally in good shape” financially, even if they thought the state of affairs nationally was in the toilet.

Biden then berated Burnett for citing polls that were wrong – the polls were largely right in 2022, and the only time they were wrong was in 2020, when pollsters underestimated Donald Trump – and again told the American people they were dumb for thinking the economy stunk.

“The polling data has been wrong all along. You guys do a poll at CNN, how many folks do you have to call to get one response? The idea that we’re in a situation where things are so bad… When I started this administration, people were saying there’s gonna be a collapse in the economy. We have the strongest economy in the world. Let me say that again, in the world,” Biden stated.

Biden then also falsely claimed inflation was nine percent when he took office.

Inflation in Donald Trump’s last month as President was 1.4%.

Inflation only hit nine percent in the summer of 2022 after Biden’s socialist spending devalued the dollar and sent prices through the roof.

Axelrod warns Biden is sealing his own doom

Axelrod tried to put the best face on Biden’s outlandish claims but admitted that what Biden did amounted to peeing on the American people’s legs and telling them it’s raining.

“It is absolutely true. The world was plunged into an economic crisis and America was plunged into an economic crisis by the pandemic and we’ve come back faster than almost any other country and he’s right about that. But that’s not the way people are experiencing the economy,” Axelrod stated.

Axelrod explained Americans saw that the price of groceries and a mortgage payment skyrocketed under Biden, and they remember their paychecks going further under Trump.

Axelrod claimed Biden should try and adopt Bill Clinton’s phony “I feel your pain” messaging from 1992.

“They’re experiencing it through the lens of the cost of living. And he is a man who’s built his career on empathy. Why not lead with the empathy?” Axelrod added.

But Axelrod lamented Biden’s ego may be getting in the way, as Biden wants to argue he’s doing a great job as President rather than admit and that the idea that the public prefers Donald Trump’s policies to his is driving him to chart a politically disastrous course.

“And I think he’s making a terrible mistake… If he doesn’t win this race, it may not be Donald Trump that beats him. It may be his own pride,” Axelrod concluded.

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