This famous actress revealed one embarrassing make out mishap

May 8, 2024

Just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from the same awkward situations as everyone else.

A ‘90s teen star just opened a can of worms.

And this famous actress revealed one embarrassing make out mishap.

Actress says she chipped her tooth making out with her co-star

Tori Spelling starred as the virginal Donna Martin for 10 seasons on the hit show Beverly Hills 92010.

On her misSPELLING podcast, Spelling asked her listeners if a make out session ever went wrong, because that’s exactly what once happened to her.

“Have you ever been kissing a guy and you get, like, [an] aggressive kiss and your teeth hit each other’s teeth? … I guess I have brittle teeth,” Spelling stated.

Spelling described how one time she was making out with co-star Jason Priestley – who played 90210 series lead Brandon Walsh, when Priestley’s “aggressive” kissing chipped her tooth.

However, Spelling made sure to say that Priestley was a ‘good kisser.’

“I have a chipped front tooth from making out with Jason Priestley in an elevator and he chipped my front tooth,” Spelling added. “He’s a good but aggressive kisser.”

Spelling also stated up front that she and Priestley were a thing “way before he was married” and their relationship was nothing more than a “summer fling” where they “hooked up.”

Spelling says motherhood comes with sacrifice 

Spelling used the Priestley kissing misfortune to segue into a discussion of the things people give up to meet the demands of motherhood.

“I used to have great teeth,” Spelling said.

As a TV star, a winning smile of perfect pearly whites is a must.

But Spelling said she no longer smiles for her photos – a quirk fans notice – because she doesn’t have time anymore to maintain immaculate teeth.

“I do not smile anymore. And people always say in comments on my Instagram, ‘Smile. Why don’t you smile?’ Well, the truth is I let my teeth go to shit,” Spelling stated.

Spelling explained that marriage and being a mother has a way of putting everything in perspective and allowing you to see what’s really important.

“I got married. I had 5 kids. They became important. It’s one of those things, like when you have kids, you stop doing things for yourself,” Spelling added.

“You just stop doing those little self-care things. Well, at least me as a mom, I did. And my teeth were my last priority, which sucks,” Spelling continued.

Tori Spelling gets her smile back

Spelling said that she took pride in the fact her dentist never had to do much work to maintain her teeth.

“I mean, I was really proud that I never had one cavity before I was 40. Now it’s a mess in there,” Spelling exclaimed.

But Spelling said now she was in a position to get her teeth fixed now that life circumstances allowed for it, and she couldn’t wait to get back to flashing smiles in her pictures.

“I’ll get my real teeth in two weeks. I’ll go back and get the permanent ones. I’ll have my veneers, and I’ll have my life-changing smile because I feel like this is really gonna change my life,” Spelling concluded.

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