Karine Jean-Pierre will want to run and hide after Peter Doocy hit her with one embarrassing question

Apr 24, 2024

Not one briefing can go by without White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre melting down.

Just when Americans think Jean-Pierre has finally hit rock bottom, she reaches new depths.

And Karine Jean-Pierre will want to run and hide after Peter Doocy hit her with one embarrassing question.

Jean-Pierre deflects tough question with Charlottesville hoax

Poll after poll keeps showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in Michigan.

The latest survey from Michigan came from Fox News, and it showed Trump up 49 to 46 on Biden.

Michigan serves as ground zero for the pro-Hamas protest vote against Joe Biden due to more than 100,000 Democrats casting a ballot for “uncommitted” in the February 28 Primary.

Biden’s campaign is constantly looking for ways to appease the more than 200,000 Muslim voters that reside in Michigan.

This political contortionist act leads to some embarrassing moments.

Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy grilled Jean-Pierre about the un-American and anti-Semitic chants pro-Hamas mobs across the United States are shouting.

“What does the President think about young people in America saying things like ‘We are all Hamas’ and ‘Long live Hamas’?” Doocy wondered.

Rather than address the pro-Hamas cancer growing within the Democrat Party, Jean-Pierre pivoted to the Charlottesville hoax where Democrats and the media falsely claimed Donald Trump said there were very fine people on both sides of a white supremacist march.

“I will say this is a President who has been, since he has been in office, and the reason why he ran has been very clear about what he witnessed in Charlottesville, let’s not forget what we saw, the antisemitism, the bigotry, the hate, that we saw in the streets of Charlottesville. As I just stated, was one of the reasons that he decided to run and no President has taken more action to combat antisemitism than this President,” Jean-Pierre stated.

The Charlottesville hoax is the story that won’t go away

At that famous 2017 press conference at Trump Tower, Trump was referring to the everyday Americans who counter protested a woke mob trying to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee.

Trump previously denounced any white supremacists, and Trump was defending the Americans – who polls show make up a plurality of the country – who believe in preserving American history and not engaging in some Communist China-like cultural revolution where leftists erase any vestige of the past to create a “year zero” situation.

This Charlottesville hoax is a go-to rhetorical crutch for Biden.

At a fundraiser last September, Biden told a room full of donors that it spurred him to run for President in 2020.

“And this was – and I re – you may remember it. There was a consequential piece of business going on. And the former guy was asked, ‘What do you think would happen?’ He was the sitting President. And he said, ‘I thought there were some very fine people on both sides,’” Biden said.

Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s falsehood by claiming he spoke “passionately.”

Passion seems to be the go-to excuse for Bidne’s lies.

When Doocy asked Jean-Pierre about Bidne falsely claiming cannibals at his uncle Ambrose after his plane was shot down over New Guinea during World War 2, Jean-Pierre claimed it was because Biden became overcome with emotion while speaking at a war memorial.

“Look, you saw the President. He was incredibly proud of his uncle’s service in uniform. You saw him at the war memorial. It was incredibly emotional and important to him,” Jean-Pierre stated.

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