Bill Maher called out Joe Biden for this insane plan that backfired big time

May 10, 2024

Bill Maher couldn’t believe what Joe Biden is plotting to try and pull off.

Even liberals are upset.

And Bill Maher called out Joe Biden for this insane plan that backfired big time.

Bill Maher blasts Biden for bailing out student loans for pro-Hamas protestors

Joe Biden’s donors are funding the pro-Hamas protests across college campuses.

Now Joe Biden wants taxpayers to reward these pro-terrorist insurgents with a trillion-dollar student loan bailout.

Bill Maher – one of the leading critics on the left of the woke snowflakes – expressed outrage that his tax dollars were now paying bribes to the anti-Semitic Hamas supporters forming mobs.

“[The] Biden administration’s student debt cancellation will cost a combined $870 billion to $1.4 trillion. That’s a lot of debt forgiveness,” Maher exclaimed.

Maher found a surprising amount of common ground with former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Conway and Maher don’t agree on much.

But they both agree that it’s obscene Biden’s scheming to loot the Treasury to bail out a bunch of entitled spoiled brats that hate Jews and hate America. 

“So unfair,” Conway confirmed.

“So colleges constantly raise tuition. Then the kids take out more loans. Then the government comes by and pays those loans. Okay. So my tax dollars are supporting this Jew-hating?!” Maher replied. “I don’t think so.”

Conway explained that it’s ridiculous that working-class Americans who didn’t go to college are now on the hook for the student loans of doctors and lawyers who attended elite institutions like Columbia.

“No, I agree with you completely. And now people are really upset. By the way, it was never fair. You can’t have plumbers and pipefitters paying for the student loans of doctors and lawyers. It’s not fair,” Conway added.

“And I’m all for the government trying to help people who need it. But he did that as a political play and everybody knows it. He’s bleeding young people’s support,” Conway continued.

Biden’s student loan scheme backfires

Left-wing Bloomberg columnist Joshua Green pointed out that Biden sucking up the pro-Hamas left wasn’t even paying political dividends.

“And it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t worked. If you look at issues that young people care about, Gaza is like 15th out of 16, and the only thing that comes in lower than Gaza is student loan forgiveness,” Green said, referring to a Harvard poll of young Americans aged 18 to 29.

Dead last and next-to-dead last among the issues young Americans cared about in the poll were student loans and the war in Gaza.

Green said the college kids that Biden wants to appease and pay off their student loans taunt him at public appearances by chanting “genocide Joe.”

“So it hasn’t worked as a motivator for the youth vote, you know, half of which are out there chanting Genocide Joe. So it’s backfired, not just in terms of public policy, but in terms of the politics, too,” Green stated.

Maher acted surprised that a recent CNN poll shows Trump leading Biden by 11 points with young voters.

“Yeah. I mean, Trump is winning the youth vote by, I think, 11 points,” Maher exclaimed.

But Maher shouldn’t be.

As Green noted, Biden is focusing on issues that young voters don’t care about.

While Donald Trump, on the other hand, is focusing his message on the economy and immigration – which polls show voters believe are the biggest problems the country faces.

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