Americans just learned a disturbing fact about Karine Jean-Pierre

May 10, 2024

Controversial White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is often the butt of jokes.

Jean-Pierre is few people’s idea of a highly-competent professional, even many top Democrats.

And Americans just learned a disturbing fact about Karine Jean-Pierre.

White House looking to ease Jean-Pierre out

The Blaze’s Stu Burguiere explained that Biden’s handlers would very much like to boot Jean-Pierre as press secretary.

Biden’s entering a difficult re-election campaign, and his handlers want a war-time footing operation.

Jean-Pierre – who couldn’t tell what color the sky is without checking her binder for the right answer – doesn’t fit that bill at all.

Burguiere said in Washington the same behind the scenes conversations among Democrats about wishing Biden would step aside are also taking place about Jean-Pierre.

“The same conversations you’re having about Joe Biden and how he looks mentally incompetent and he maybe has dementia, are the same conversations they’re having behind the scenes in Washington. The issue is they have different loyalties,” Burguiere stated.

“The same thing is going on with Karine Jean-Pierre, because we’ve all had the same conversation here in the regular country, and in Washington, D.C., where basically the question is, like how does she have this job?” Burguiere added.

Democrats stuck with Jean-Pierre

The New York Post recently dropped a bombshell where two of the head honchos in Bidenworld – Senior Advisor Anita Dunn and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients – tried to arrange an intervention to ease Jean-Pierre out of her job.

“De Facto White House communications chief Anita Dunn, 66, the wife of Biden personal attorney Bob Bauer, told colleagues she had decided to call in prominent Democrats to explain to Jean-Pierre, 49, that the time was ripe to move on,” the Post exclusively reported.

But what Burguiere couldn’t believe about these reports was that Jean-Pierre was 49 years old.

“Who the hell thought Karine Jean-Pierre was 49 years old?” Burguiere wondered. “It’s just the fact that she has the intellect of an 18-year-old, and so I can’t believe she’s 49 years old. I’m literally stunned by that.”

Democrats stuck with Biden and Jean-Pierre 

Democrats would love to be rid of both Biden and Jean-Pierre.

Instead, they are stuck with them both.

Joe Biden is the sitting President.

Democrats quickly learned that no one could force him to bow out of the 2024 race if he felt like running for re-election.

Likewise, Democrats quickly realized it was a fool’s errand to try and push Jean-Pierre out the door.

The problem with getting rid of Jean-Pierre was owed to identity politics.

Joe Biden is a straight white man, and the optics of firing the first black female homosexual press secretary would inflame the woke base.

“Dunn claimed White House chief of staff Jeff Zients knew about and supported the cloak-and-dagger scheme to push Jean-Pierre out of the West Wing,” the Post reported, adding that one of its sources insisted, “‘Jeff and Anita were trying to find Karine a graceful exit’ because of the ugly optics of removing her against her will.”

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