Police found a Florida woman in this compromising sexual position

May 31, 2024

It’s not just the men in Florida who create hilarious headlines.

The women get into the act too.

And now police found a Florida woman in this compromising sexual position.

Woman jumps off pier to avoid arrest for sex in public 

Razo and Zadok Westfield wanted to enjoy a nice day at the historic pier in Naples, Florida.

The pier is 1,000 feet long and a favored tourist attraction, although it’s only been partially open since sustaining damage in 2022’s Hurricane Ian.

Naples’ website described the pier asThe historic Naples Pier is located on the Gulf of Mexico at the west end of 12th Avenue South. The Naples Pier is a favorite location for sightseers. The Pier features restrooms, showers, ADA beach access mat, and a concession stand with covered eating area and beach supplies.”

Nowhere in that description does the city advertise the pier as a great spot for couples who get off on sex in public to get it on.

Razo and Zadok Westfield missed that memo.

The two were allegedly having sex on the pier in full view of the public on Memorial Day.

One eyewitness told police that she was there with her four children who saw the couple doing the dirty deed and “her minor children were asking questions about what the subjects were doing.” 

“The Naples Police Department received multiple reports about a man and woman having sex behind the historic pier’s locked gate at about 4:30 p.m. during the busy Memorial Day holiday,” the New York Post reports.

Police arrived on the scene to find that the couple “were still at it. “

A hilariously botched escape attempt 

Zadok was buck naked when the police arrived, knew he was caught, and surrendered on the spot.

As officers took him into custody, Zadok said the two only intended to swim to the end of the pier but decided to have sex in a spur of the moment decision.

Razo had delusions she was Michael Phelps and dove off the pier into the Gulf of Mexico to try and swim for her freedom.

“As the two scrambled to put on their clothes, Razo moved to the edge of the pier and jumped in,” the Post also reports.

This proved to be a futile gesture because as soon as Razo reached the shore the beach patrol took her into custody.

Both were charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace.

Razo faces an additional charge of resisting arrest without violence.

The couple both made bail the same day they were taken into custody.

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to summer.

It’s also a somber day of reflection for Americans to honor the sacrifice of those who gave it all to defend the American way of life.

Florida man and woman just have a funny way of combining those two competing values that define the Memorial Day Weekend.

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