Kevin Bacon ended up at the doctor because this object exploded in his mouth

Jun 11, 2024

Kevin Bacon is one of the true legends of Hollywood.

Bacon’s prolific career turned him into a pop culture meme.

But now Kevin Bacon ended up at the doctor because this object exploded in his mouth.

Kevin Bacon’s adventure with a hard boiled egg 

Kevin Bacon is known as the star of movies like Footloose, Tremors, Apollo 13, and A Few Good Men.

But maybe what Bacon is best known for is the parlor game six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

This is a game where anyone can supposedly connect any actor to Kevin Bacon by naming actors who worked together in less than six steps.

Like anyone else, Bacon has had his embarrassing moments.

Bacon told late-night talk show host Seth Meyers his latest came during a tour with his band.

“I’m in a rock band. We were able to do a bunch of tours,” Bacon began.

These tours often led to dingy hotels that offered cheap breakfast buffets. 

“You stay in these hotels that are not very high end. They often have the free breakfast, which is like the waffles and the eggs and a couple of pieces of Cheerio,” Bacon stated.

Not wanting to eat lousy hotel food, Bacon picked up some hard boiled eggs.

“So, I grabbed a couple of boiled eggs to take with me,” Bacon added.

Disaster occurs 

For some reason Bacon thought it would be a good idea to microwave these eggs.

That led to one blowing up.

“Now these eggs were, I want to say, they were peeled, but they were hard-boiled. Took them to the next hotel, put them in the microwave to heat them up, put it on a minute. All of a sudden, I hear, ‘boom!’” Bacon continued.

One egg survived the microwave.

Bacon thought it was safe to eat.

That turned out to be a major mistake.

“So, I bite into the other egg, and it’s a grenade going off in my mouth,” Bacon recounted.

Bacon sheepishly admitted he should have exercised common sense. 

“It exploded in my mouth. It’s a cautionary tale. Folks, I guess you have to cut it in half,” Bacon stated.

But Bacon soon realized he made an even bigger mistake when he tried to wipe off the mess when he realized he burned himself so badly the skin peeled off of his lips.

“I take the towel off and — this is a little gross — and the skin of my lips is on the towel,” Bacon told Meyers.

Bacon said he got a prescription from the doctor, but for a month his lips were so red he said he looked like a deranged fan for the Kansas City Chiefs who painted his face.

“I call up the doctor, and the doctor says, ‘Well you’ve obviously burned yourself badly,’ and prescribes some stuff. For the next month, my lips were bright red like a Kansas City Chiefs fan,” Bacon recalled.

“I learned a great lesson,” Bacon remarked.

Bacon said he was able to make a lighthearted joke out of it, saying the fiasco provided an opportunity for an epic dad joke headline writers could make at his expense.

“Bacon burned by egg,” Bacon chuckled.

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