A shocking confession about the O.J. Simpson murders will change everything you think

Apr 18, 2024

Americans are convinced that O.J. Simpson got away with murder.

Simpson’s death from cancer wasn’t the end of the story.

And a shocking confession about the O.J. Simpson murders will change everything you think.

Hollywood private detective says O.J. hired the mob to kill his ex-wife and friend 

Private detective Paul Barresi played a recording to the New York Post of John Dunton telling him that O.J. Simpson hired hitmen from the Gambino crime family to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994.

Police found Brown Simpson with her head nearly chopped off after being stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp.

Dunton also said O.J. was at his Brentwood home, the scene of the murders, to make sure the killing went off without a hitch.

“100 percent,” the Post reports Dunton telling Barresi. “The four guys that came, they were members of the Gambino family. They were involved in all kinds of stuff. You know what the mob does. The bottom line is everything was done with OJ’s direction. That’s what happened.”

“He was there,” he added. “I don’t know what he did, but he was there. He knew these guys were going over to Nicole’s house to kill her. He wanted to be there. I don’t know why. I’m glad he’s dead to be honest. What he did was a really horrible thing and I went through hell because of that.”

Dunton spent time in prison for refusing to testify at O.J.’s murder trial

Dunton said he passed along this information to Los Angeles Police Officers he knew, that resulted in him being called to testify before a grand jury which was investigating Al Cowlings, O.J.’s friend, who was most famous for driving the white Ford Bronco the night O.J. led the police on a chase, which was broadcast live on national TV and even interrupted Game 5 of that year’s NBA Finals.

Dunton then refused to testify which resulted in him spending 23 days in jail before his then attorney Robert Rentzer was able win his freedom by convincing the judge Dunton would never talk.

“There must have been some reason why Dunton didn’t want to testify,” Rentzer told the Post.

Dunton claimed he clammed up because a member of the Gambino crime family stuck a gun in his mouth and threatened his life if he ever went public.

“The guy that put the gun in my mouth, he f–king whacked several people and if he whacked me it wouldn’t be any different. He also said they’d whack my family too. When they threw me down on my knees and made me cross my ankles over and put a gun all the way down my mouth, it was scary,” Dunton claimed.

Is Dunton a reliable narrator?

There are reasons to doubt Dunton’s truthfulness.

Time Magazine reported in September 1994 about Dunton giving a TV interview claiming three people were at Nicole Brown Simpson’s home the night of her murder.

“In one TV interview, Dunton said he had secondhand information that three people may have been at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo the night she and her friend Ronald Goldman were slain,” Time reported.

But Time also said there was reason to doubt Dunton’s story as he has “twice been convicted of forgery and has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial in another case.”

The most likely explanation for Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders was that O.J. – a jealous former lover with a well-documented history of domestic violence – saw Goldman returning a pair of sunglasses Brown Simpson left behind at the restaurant where he worked and murdered the two in a fit of rage.

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