McDonald’s customers erupted after a huge change left them demanding answers

Jun 11, 2024

McDonald’s is one the blue-chip brands in America.

The Golden Arches may be the most recognizable corporate logo ever.

But now McDonald’s customers erupted after a huge change left them demanding answers.

Fast food industry reacts to socialist assault on business 

Customers who eat at McDonald’s and other fast food franchises keep failing under the pain on the Left imposing socialism on America.

The latest setback came in California where Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation back in 2023 raising the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 per hour.

Businesses never bear the burden of new taxes or regulations.

McDonald’s and other businesses need to maintain profit, and they have two options.

Lay off employees.

Raise prices.

McDonald’s and its competitors employed both strategies.

California Business and Industrial Alliance President and Founder, Tom Manzo, said fast food restaurants laid off 10,000 workers in response to California Democrats artificially inflating the cost of doing business.

Industry’s reaction wasn’t unexpected.

“California businesses have been under total attack and total assault for years,” Manzo told Fox News.

McDonald’s needs to raise the price of food to make up for the state mandates wage hikes.

“You can only raise prices so much,” Manzo added. “And you’re seeing it. People are not going to pay $20 for a Big Mac. It’s not going to happen.”

The layoffs once again proved the fundamental lesson that the real minimum wage is $0.

Businesses aren’t required to hire anymore.

And if the cost of labor exceeds the demand then layoffs ensue.

McDonald’s also raises prices in response to inflation

Democrats are hitting businesses coming and going.

While California Democrats whacked McDonald’s on the labor side, Joe Biden crushed them on the demand.

Thanks to Biden pumping trillions of new dollars in the economy to fund his socialist agenda, prices skyrocketed at McDonald’s since 2019.

The price for a Big Mac shot up 87.7% over the last five years.

A Big Mac cost $3.99 in 2019.

As of mid-2024, it cost customers $7.49.

That represented a relatively mild price increase compared to other menu items.

A McChicken’s price tag ballooned 201.6%.

The price for medium French Fries got jacked up 134.1%.

A statement from McDonald’s tried to take the heat off corporate and push the blame for the price hikes on the individual franchise owners.

McDonald’s franchisees are given a high level of autonomy in setting menu prices for individual locations.”

They thus declared: “As such, our team collected additional historical data points related to McDonald’s and applied certain adjustments to the final data to create a reasonable representation of national pricing trends over time for the chain.”

A new Fox News poll showed Donald Trump and Joe Biden tied in Virginia.

Democrats won Virginia at the Presidential level every cycle since 2008.

Biden whomped Trump in the Commonwealth by 10 points in 2020.

But the Fox News poll is the third straight poll showing Trump tied with Biden.

The rising cost of a meal at McDonald’s – the National Institute of Health reports 35% of Americans eat fast-food twice a week – is representative of the pain Americans feel from inflation, which leads to negative feelings about the economy.

And that’s why Joe Biden’s struggling to win in even reliable blue states.

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