Joe Biden was brought to his knees by this bad poll in a solid blue state

Jun 11, 2024

Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is a slow rolling disaster.

But the latest gut punch may be too much to recover from.

And Joe Biden was brought to his knees by this bad poll in a solid blue state.

Polls show Virginia is in play . . . and the timing of the latest is the biggest kicker

The explosive growth of the federal government after the 9/11 terrorist attacks didn’t just erode American freedom and balloon the budget deficit.

A massive increase in the federal workforce also helped turn Virginia into a reliable blue citadel.

Barack Obama flipped the Commonwealth in 2008.

Since then, Democrats carried it in every Presidential election.

But a Fox News poll taken from June 1 to June 4 showed Donald Trump tied with Joe Biden at 48 percent in Virginia.

This was the third poll to show Trump and Biden tied in Virginia.

However, what made the Fox poll stick out was the fact that it was taken entirely after Trump’s conviction in Alvin Bragg’s show trial.

Virginia is home to the upscale suburbs that swung hardest against Trump beginning with the 2017 Gubernatorial election.

But if college-educated swing voters in Virginia of call places brushed off the felony conviction in New York as irrelevant then the Democrat Party’s lawfare was truly a bust.

Why Virginia is in play

In a speech to a crowd in Arizona, Trump wove the two biggest issues in the election – immigration and inflation together.

Trump told the crowd that Biden opening the border to millions of illegal aliens served as a declaration of war on the middle class because it caused rents and mortgages to skyrocket.

“The Biden Border Invasion is also an all-out war on the working-class minorities of our country—and it is flat-out economic warfare on African American and Hispanic American families,” Trump declared.

“Simultaneously, illegal immigration is causing rent and housing costs to skyrocket, because we have 15 million new migrants and no place to put them,” Trump added.

The issue hovering over the election

Joe Biden’s age and cognitive decline is also the elephant in the room.

Biden asking voters to return him to the White House for another term, where he will serve until he’s 86 years old, unnerves voters.

Americans can see Biden.

And they can tell he’s obviously in decline and mentally out of it.

During a trip to Normandy to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Biden needed aides to lead him around by the hand because he had no idea where he was or what was going on.

Even the media is admitting the truth.

The Wall Street Journal published a blockbuster story where 45 Democrats and Republicans told the paper they saw Biden’s age showing during meetings.

Democrats pushed back on the story.

But even other liberal journalists were forced to admit no one was buying this spin because the senile Mr. McGoo character described by the journal matched the one Americans saw on video.

The problem with this of course is that the Joe Biden the world observes in his public appearances resembles more closely the Joe Biden described by the WSJ than by the Democrats who claim he is secretly sharp as a tack,” New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi posted on X.

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