Joe Biden issued one dare to the Supreme Court that will end in an awful defeat

Apr 12, 2024

Joe Biden hasn’t yet learned his lesson.

This one may come the hard way.

And Joe Biden issued one dare to the Supreme Court that will end in an awful defeat.

Joe Biden mocks Supreme Court in new power grab to steal from taxpayers

The Supreme Court easily struck down Joe Biden’s previous illegal scheme to loot the treasury of $430 billion to bailout student loan borrowers.

Biden tried to buy the voters of Americans under the age of 45, but a 6-3 majority stopped him.

Not so the Court thought.

In Biden’s new student loan bailout plot, Biden gloated over the fact that he seized dictatorial powers to ignore the Constitutional system of checks and balances as well as there being three co-equal branches of government.

Speaking of the previous Supreme Court defeat, Biden declared, “That didn’t stop us.”

“We continue to find alternatives to reduce student debt,” Biden added.

Biden’s new plan will bail out 30,000,000 student loan borrowers in the hopes this will convert anyone with misgivings about Joe Biden into a voter.

“The plans announced today, together with the Administration’s past actions, will provide relief to more than 30 million borrowers.  These plans would fully eliminate accrued interest for 23 million borrowers, cancel the full amount of student debt for over 4 million borrowers, and provide more than 10 million borrowers with at least $5,000 in debt relief or more.  With disproportionately high debt burdens, Black and Latino borrowers will get substantial benefits from this relief,” a White House press release described Biden’s order.

Biden’s order runs into legal resistance 

The state of Missouri sued to stop Biden’s first illegal student loan bailout.

A majority on the Supreme Court simply allied the law, as under the Constitution, Congress must grant the power to the President to bail out student loan debt, and Congress passed no such act.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey immediately announced his state would promptly take Biden to court to block this attempt to steal from the taxpayers so Biden can buy votes in the upcoming election.

“Missouri stopped you once before. We’ll do it again. As many times as it takes to maintain the integrity of our Constitution,” Attorney General Bailey wrote on social media.

“Joe Biden is trying to unabashedly eclipse the Constitution with his attempt to “cancel” student loan debt. The rule of law means something in this country, @POTUS,” Bailey added.

“See you in court,” Bailey promised.

The Supreme Court should easily reject Biden’s latest unlawful order on the same grounds it did the first student loan bailout.

If the court allows this to stand, Biden will have seized power from Congress and obliterated the concept of co-equal branches of government.

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