Greg Gutfeld destroyed one MSNBC lie with this brutal truth bomb

Apr 11, 2024

There is no love lost between the hosts of Fox News and MSNBC.

MSNBC is one of several pro-Democrat propaganda outlets in the media.

And now Greg Gutfeld destroyed one MSNBC lie with this brutal truth bomb.

MSNBC guest repeats tired lie about Trump supporters

Democrats don’t want to spend the 2024 election talking about the issues.

That’s a losing tactic for Joe Biden.

Democrats would rather spend the next seven months smearing Trump supporters in the hopes of convincing swing voters that Trump leads a movement of terrorist weirdos.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid tried to advance that talking point by having so-called “cult expert” Steven Hassan on her show to explain to viewers that Trump supporters supposedly exhibited all the signs of a cult but that it was possible to deprogram them.

 “The good news is, it’s not permanent and people wake up, and they’re embarrassed and ashamed as I felt in 1976. But more and more people are leaving the MAGA cult. It’s important that people not just yell at people who are still trapped in this delusion. Ask questions in a respectful, curious way that gets them to realize they’ve been conned, that their minds have been hijacked,” Hassan stated.

Greg Gutfeld responds 

Over on The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld responded to Hassan’s comments snarking that if anyone looked like they were ready to drink the kool-aid, it was Hassan.

Gutfeld also mocked the idea of Trumpism as a cult and instead compared it to rooting for your favorite sports team.

“He looks like a Heaven’s Gate member who missed the comet. Remember, they were trying to jump on a comet? If Trumpism is a cult, it’s the worst cult in history. Because people come and go as they please. Everything is wholly transparent, there’s, nothing is secretive about it, and people seem to be having a good time. They don’t seem terrified of reprisals,” Gutfeld began.

“If this is a cult, then so is Oktoberfest. I mean, Trump, I think what you can say about Trump-ism, if it’s an ‘ism,’ it’s more like your favorite team, where you root for your guy, and you root against the other guy, but you still can hang out with the other guy’s fans. It’s not a big deal. But they can’t, but the other team can’t do it. Trump, people who are pro-Trump have no problems pulling over and help you change a tire. They don’t care if you got a Biden bumper sticker on your car. They’ll do it. It’s not a two-way street,” Gutfeld concluded.

Attacking Trump supporters hasn’t worked out for Democrats in the past 

Democrats can’t help themselves but to demean the everyday Americans who support Donald Trump.

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton famously said half of all Trump supporters were “irredeemable” and belonged in a “basket of deplorables.”

In the intervening years, reporters mocked Trump supporters as racists, using a sarcastic tagline about “economic anxiety” to attack Trump’s voters as really being motivated by racial bigotry.

With Joe Biden trailing in the polls, Democrats are getting desperate, and it doesn’t look like they’ve learned any lessons.

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