Geraldo Rivera’s feud with a Seinfeld star took one shocking turn

Apr 12, 2024

Geraldo Rivera spent years as one of the faces of Fox News Channel.

That made Rivera a target for the Left.

And now Geraldo Rivera’s feud with a Seinfeld star has taken one shocking turn.

Geraldo Rivera reveals beef with famed comedian Larry David 

Larry David was the co-creator – along with Jerry Seinfeld – of the iconic NBC hit Seinfeld.

David’s next project was the critically acclaimed comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Curb, where David plays an exaggerated version of himself who is constantly questioning social conventions, wrapped up its 12-season run on HBO.

Ahead of the series finale, Geraldo Rivera posted his review on social media, saying he couldn’t stand the show due to unpleasant personal interactions with David, where Rivera realized David wasn’t acting when he played a curmudgeonly jerk on Curb.

“After 12 seasons, many viewers lament the passing of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Larry David’s sour, pseudo bio-series. I’m not a fan,” Rivera posted on X. “Now, every time I see Larry being rude, crude and intolerant on television, I say that’s him, that really is Larry David, and he’s not acting.”

Now far-left former ESPN, MSNBC, and Current TV host Keith Olbermann has chimed in despite no one asking for his opinion.

“Maybe everybody hates you just because you suck,” Olbermann wrote in response.

Rivera shut Olbermann down with a brutal one liner that highlighted Olbermann’s descent into irrelevancy.

“I didn’t know you were still alive,” Rivera shot back.

Rivera describes the origins of his beef with David

In his social media posts, Rivera revealed David treated him shabbily during a party at the Martha’s Vineyard home of Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

David, according to Rivera, tried to hide in a crowd when he saw Rivera approaching to say hello.

“I spotted Larry in the crowd and walked toward him. Instead of making at least nominal polite contact, Larry ostentatiously avoided even looking in my direction. He actually scurried about in theatrical panic, ducking behind other guests Groucho Marx-style as he made sure to keep a safe distance,” Rivera stated.

Rivera added that David ducked him because David was a huge Barack Obama fan and hated Fox News as a result.

Obama – Rivera revealed – rented the home next to Dershowitz’s and refused to attend the party because he resented the fact that Dershowitz would appear on Fox News and defend Donald Trump from the various charges lobbed by Democrats trying and drive him from office.

“Larry, who I’ve never met, apparently was taking his cue from the famous Fox-hater renting the big place next door,” Rivera added. “Visible through the bushes separating the properties, President Barack Obama refused to make the two minute walk over to Dersh’s place for the same reason, Fear of Fox.”

In the 12th season of Curb, David wasn’t being subtle about his politics.

The overarching plot of the series featured David getting arrested in Georgia for providing water to  black women waiting in line to vote – a shot at the Election Integrity Act the state passed in 2021.

David also posed for a mugshot with a scowl on his face similar to the post Donald Trump struck for his now iconic mugshot that Fani Willis forced him to submit to.

But David also apparently carries these politics into his real life and lets it affect him in social  situations.

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