Tucker Carlson called out Liz Cheney for pushing this awful lie

Jun 6, 2024

It’s well known that Tucker Carlson is no fan of Liz Cheney.

But even Carlson didn’t realize at first the depths of damage that Cheney and her allies inflicted upon America.

And Tucker Carlson called out Liz Cheney for pushing this awful lie.

Frustration with the deep state boils over 

Donald Trump Jr. told Tucker Carlson that conservatives have treated the FBI with kid gloves for too long.

Trump Jr. explained that he gave rank-and-file agents a pass for the bureau turning into the political enforcers of the Democrat Party.

The President’s son figured that was the fault of woke leaders like disgraced former director James Comey and current director Christopher Wray.

But Trump Jr. said that turned out not to be the case.

Trump Jr. expressed outrage that the FBI is running around raiding the homes of Amish farmers and pro-Life activists while turning a blind eye to transgender domestic terrorists like the shooter at a Nashville Christian school.

“I gave the door kickers a pass for far too long, which is like, hey, you know, they can’t go against the leadership. But like, when you’re watching this kind of bastardization of justice, when you’re watching this sort of lopsided level, when they’re, you know, they spend more time kicking down the doors of an Amish farmer selling unpasteurized milk than actually going after people committing terror because, you know, they’re trans or, you know, whatever it is that they are, you really lose that ability to get that pass that I really wanted them to give,” Trump Jr. stated.

Trump Jr. said it was eye-opening as he wanted to believe that the FBI was a trusted institution because Americans are raised to view the agents as the good guys.

“But, you know, I wanted to believe that everything I grew up believing was accurate. And it’s all bull****. It’s just all bull***. So we have to fix that. That’s, that’s why we fight now, to actually make it so,” Trump Jr. added.

Carlson slams January 6 Committee

Carlson pointed out that this is exactly what happened on January 6, when the media and the Liz Cheney’s of the world cooked up some phony narrative about Trump supporters staging an insurrection.

“But you saw this on January 6th, too. I mean, I know that Joe Scarborough and the rest of the liars presented those people as like, insurrectionists and dangerous,” Carlson began.

Carlson said the Trump supporters on January 6 believed in America and argued the people trying to put them in jail only believe in a double standard.

“They were actually the most pure hearted and most naive. . .I mean, they were, they were literally walking with pocket constitutions. Saying, ‘no, you can’t do this.’ They believed in the system much more than the people who put them in prison, who don’t believe in it at all,” Carlson continued.

Carlson again called out the January 6th Committee – of which Liz Cheney played a leading role – for misleading the public with selective video footage used to create a false impression that what happened on January 6 was an attempt to overthrow the government.

“Without question. And you saw that. I mean, you know, the narrative was pushed so much. The clips that they used were designed to create something that didn’t actually happen. I mean, it’s so sick,” Carlson concluded.

Democrats and Liz Cheney carefully crafted their story about January 6 for one reason.

And that was to hurt Donald Trump politically.

Tucker Carlson is still angry to this day about that and the fact that the Biden administration seized on it to target Trump supporters and destroy their lives, even if they were accused of committing nonviolent crimes on that day.

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