Trey Gowdy did one favor for Hunter Biden that will stop you dead in your tracks

Jun 4, 2024

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy isn’t known as a Biden family apologist.

But there is a first for everything.

And Trey Gowdy did one favor for Hunter Biden that will stop you dead in your tracks.

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner questions delay tactics in the Hunter Biden trials 

Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department and its pit bull prosecutor, Jack Smith, hit the warp speed button to try and rush two witch hunts against Donald Trump to trial prior to Election Day.

Thanks to an honest Judge in Delaware who threw out a sham plea deal that would have allowed Hunter Biden to avoid prison time and would have shut down probes that could have implicated Joe Biden, Hunter now faces two criminal trials.

One for charges of tax evasion.

And a second trial for allegedly lying on a background check form by claiming he wasn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol when he purchased a handgun in 2018.

But there isn’t quite the same sense of urgency involved.

That fact didn’t escape the notice of Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

Faulkner called out the difference in how the Biden Justice Department treated the trials of Hunter Biden and Donald Trump.

“If you make the argument that Hunter’s trials are too close to a presidential election and you look at the family members who potentially could be talking — the ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, a third woman — against Hunter in the first trial. We don’t know about the second. If you could make the argument, ‘Hold off ’til after the election,’ that might have to be made for Donald Trump, as well. This gets complicated politically for Biden,” Faulkner stated.

Trey Gowdy defends Hunter Biden

Trey Gowdy surprisingly took Hunter Biden’s side in this case.

Gowdy told Faulkner that he opposed the weaponized justice system using a novel legal theory to go after Donald Trump.

But that he also opposed going after Hunter Biden on rare charges, as Gowdy expressed opposition to charge Hunter Biden for a rarely prosecuted crime for lying about being a drug addict when purchasing a firearm. 

“I don’t think Donald Trump ought to be singled out for a crime that no one else has been prosecuted for, and, I was a gun prosecutor — we never prosecuted addicts for lying and buying on federal forms,” Gowdy stated.

Gowdy said he had no problem with Hunter Biden facing justice for tax violations or foreign influence peddling, but that as a prosecutor who tried gun crimes in the past, he would wager that there were fewer than 10 of these cases in the last year.

“So, I don’t think Hunter Biden ought to be singled out either. Go after him on taxes, go after him on corruption. But I’d be curious how many people were prosecuted for being an addict in possession of a firearm, and I’ll bet it’s less than 10 in the last 12 months. I don’t think people ought to be singled out because of their last name. Treat him like you would ‘Hunter Smith,’ even though it’s Hunter Biden,” Gowdy added.

Faulkner was dumbfounded and went to co-host Shannon Bream for backup.

“But isn’t the whole process of that, Shannon, doesn’t it come down to lying on a federal form when you’re buying a weapon? I mean, I don’t know that so much that it matters about your mental or physical status as much as it matters that you lied,” Faulkner declared.

But Bream responded that she agreed with Gowdy.

“Yeah, like Trey is saying, I mean, that is something that’s definitely on the books, but it’s just one of those things that doesn’t get prosecuted a lot,” Bream stated.

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