This Supreme Court Justice’s retirement has Democrats in panic mode

Apr 16, 2024

Democrats didn’t need to hear this brutal news.

Key plans were just thrown into chaos.

And this Supreme Court Justice’s retirement has Democrats in panic mode.

Liberal Supreme Court Justice announces her retirement

Democrats won 4-3 majority in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court year when liberal Janet Protasiewicz defeated Dan Kelly in the most expensive judicial race in American history.

The campaigns and allies outside groups spent a combined $56 million – with the vast majority coming from Democrats – on this race.

Protasiewicz campaigned on her desire to impose abortion-on-demand and throw out the state’s legislative maps to force a new map that would elect more Democrats.

Soon after taking office, Protasiewicz joined a 4-3 majority in ruling the Wisconsin legislative maps unconstitutional and forcing Republicans to agree to new district lines that unfairly gave Democrats an advantage to win control of the State House and State Senate.

But that celebration proved to be short lived as liberal justice Ann Walsh Bradley announced her retirement.

“My decision has not come lightly,” Bradley stated. “It is made after careful consideration and reflection. I can do the job well. I know I can win reelection, should I run. But it’s just time to pass the torch and bring fresh perspectives to the court.”

An election will be held next year where Republicans already fielded a strong candidate in former Attorney General and current Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Brad Schimel.

Democrats immediately begin fear mongering

Wisconsin Democrats and the Biden campaign used the news of Bradley’s retirement to claim the 2024 Presidential election in Wisconsin and next year’s judicial election were all about abortion-on-demand.

“There’s no question that reproductive freedom and abortion bans in Wisconsin will be a central issue not just this fall, but also in the Supreme Court race next spring,” Wisconsin Democrat Party Chair Ben Wikler told reporters. “The far right is trying to take over the Supreme Court so that they can put the 1849 abortion ban into effect.”

“Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s announcement this morning that she won’t be running for re-election next year is a reminder that Wisconsin is still only one bad election away from an ultra-right wing, abortion banning Supreme Court majority,” Wikler continued.

“As Donald Trump brags about overturning Roe and enabling extreme state abortion bans across the country, it’s clear that the surest way voters can protect their abortion rights in Wisconsin is to reelect President Joe Biden this November,” Biden campaign Wisconsin Communications Director Brianna Johnson declared.

Democrats have nothing else they can run on.

The public has rejected open borders, soft-on-crime policies, Green New Deal schemes to ban gas-powered cars and stoves, and Biden’s lawless orders to mandate vaccines and bail out student loan debt.

The only issue Democrats run on is abortion because GOP establishment consultants tell their clients to ignore the cause of life to talk about other issues.

That never works as Republicans face an onslaught of attack ads and coordinated smear pieces in the media that allow Democrats to eke out victory.

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