This sex scandal led to one big question about the NFL

Jun 4, 2024

The National Football League is America’s true national pastime.

But now the league is playing damage control.

And this sex scandal led to one big question about the NFL.

Sexual assault allegations rock the NFL

Two flight attendants sued former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Brandon McManus for sexual assault.

The alleged incidents took place on a Jaguars team flight to England last September 28.

But there was barely a peep about this story in the national media.

That sparked NewsNation anchor Dan Abrams to go off on the media for devoting countless hours of coverage to attacking Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker for a commencement speech where all he said is motherhood is a valuable occupation, as some kind of league scandal.

“But is anyone on cable even talking about this?” Abrams said of the story.

Abrams quantified the intensity of the coverage of Butker to that of McManus.

“It seems not. An analysis of recent coverage on the major cable networks shows that within the two-and-a-half weeks since Butker gave that speech, he’s been mentioned more than seven dozen times. It would appear McManus has not been mentioned once.”

Every major cable network covered Butker’s remarks.

CNN and MSNBC led the way in denouncing Butker.

Karine Jean-Pierre faced questions about whether Biden would ban Butker from the Chiefs’ visit to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl championship.

The NFL even issued a statement condemning Butker as a thought criminal and slamming him for questioning the league’s holy trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Within a week of his commencement address, parts of Butker’s speech are being played and replayed on every major channel,” Abrams added. 

There was none of that intensity on the Left for the accusations against McManus, who inked a $3.6 million contract to kick for the Washington Commanders this year.

“Crickets for the allegations against McManus in the week since news of the lawsuit against him broke,” Abrams continued.

Abrams explained to viewers that this showed once again how the media isn’t actually in the business of informing the public.

Rather, so-called “journalists” believe their job is to craft storylines and narratives that fit the ideological framework they want to impart on viewers.

“Maybe — just maybe — to many in the left-leaning media, there’s no greater outrage than going after a liberal narrative,” Abrams told viewers, “while on the right, there’s nothing more worthy of endless hours of praise or bashing the left-leaning media. But allegations of sexual assault? Doesn’t fit easily into the political narrative. I don’t know, maybe it’s not even worth discussing.”

The accusations against McManus

McManus’ attorney called the accusation against him “demonstrably false,” adding that the Jaguars kicker would clear his name “by showing what these claims truly are — an extortion attempt.”  

Two female flight attendants claim McManus was “passing out $100 bills to encourage them to drink and dance inappropriately for him.”

One accused McManus of trying to force her to kiss him while she sat in the jump seat.

McManus also stands accused of grabbing the attendant from behind and rubbing his erect penis on her.

“The sexual misconduct occurred in front of Plaintiffs’ professional peers and in front of high-profile clients. Plaintiffs felt severely anxious, ashamed, and terrified that their careers were at risk,” the lawsuit read.

These allegations will play out in court.

But the volume of the coverage of Butker telling graduates of a Catholic school about his Catholic faith paled in comparison to serious allegations of sexual assault.

And that should show how out of whack the media and the NFL’s priorities are.

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