This senior Hamas official’s explanation for why the Palestinian terrorists took Americans hostage will send a chill down your spine

Oct 18, 2023

With a wide open border, a military focused more on woke extremism than national security, and a foreign policy that’s helping fuel World War III, Joe Biden has made Americans less safe.

But no one knew just how big of a target Americans around the world now have on their backs thanks to Biden’s failed “leadership.”

And now this senior Hamas official’s explanation for why the Palestinian terrorists took Americans hostage will send a chill down your spine.

Open season on Americans

Anytime a western nation is facing an all-out assault from radical Islamic terrorists, woke extremists immediately make excuses to justify the terrorists’ actions.

While the dust has yet to settle on last week’s terrorist attack on Israel, woke extremist Democrats, like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, claimed that Israel was “provoking Hamas” to unleash a terrorist attack on the Jewish nation.

But as it turns out, based on a senior Hamas official’s own admission, the Hamas terrorists’ decision to take American hostages during their attack on Israel had nothing to do with any of the excuses woke extremists have previously given for the terrorists’ actions.

According to that senior Hamas official, Ali Baraka, it was the Biden regime’s policy of negotiating with terrorists and engaging in prisoner swaps with rogue regimes that gave the terrorists the inspiration to take American hostages during their attack.

Of course Biden would comply . . .

In an interview with Russia Today, Baraka explained that the Biden regime recently conducted a prisoner swap with Iran, a known state sponsor of terrorism, that saw the rogue nation receive $6 billion, which many believed helped fund the Palestinian terrorist attack, in addition its prisoners of choice.

And so, the Palestinian terrorists now believe there’s no reason the regime won’t make a similar swap for them.

“The U.S. conducts prisoner swaps,” Baraka explained. “Only recently, it did one with Iran. Why wouldn’t it conduct a prisoner swap with us?”

Baraka added that Hamas is now “demand[ing] that the U.S. free our sons from prisons,” a reference to several members of the terrorist organization who are currently serving life sentences in U.S. prisons.

“Biden, the highest authority in the U.S., declared that he stands with Israel against Hamas and the Palestinian people,” Baraka concluded. “Therefore, he is a partner to this aggression, he must pay the price.”

The Biden regime’s foreign policy decisions have certainly led to the world becoming a much more chaotic and dangerous place, with the U.S. now engaged in wars in Ukraine, the Gaza Strip, north Africa, and various other locations, while war also looms with China over Taiwan.

And on top of all that, Americans who travel abroad will now have to deal with the consequences of having a major target on their backs thanks to the Biden regime’s actions.

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