This John Fetterman voter revealed he was assaulted for asking the Senator one question. And he has the evidence to prove it.

Nov 3, 2023

Nothing infuriates Democrats and all ruling-class elites in general more than facing questions or any sort of accountability for their actions.

Now this John Fetterman voter has revealed that he was assaulted for asking the Senator one question.

And despite Democrats’ media allies’ best effort to ignore his story, he has the evidence to prove it.

“The violence inherent in the system”

Like every politician in Washington, D.C. – especially Democrats who want to render law-abiding Americans defenseless by banning non-criminals from owning firearms – Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) never leaves home without a small army who are heavily armed and ready to ensure no one gets close to him unless he grants them permission to do so.

It’s as if he believes he’s some sort of monarch living in Medieval Europe.

In fact, one of his own supporters recently approached Senator Fetterman at a public event only to have the Democrat’s goons literally assault the man to keep him from asking one question.

Dan Kovalik, a Pennsylvania resident who voted for Fetterman in his first Senate run last November, recently took to X to reveal that he had approached the Senator to ask why he failed to support a ceasefire in the war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, but was immediately assaulted by the Democrats’ security detail for doing so.

And best of all, he caught the entire ordeal on video.

“I just took on @JohnFetterman for his failure to support a ceasefire for #Gaza and was assaulted,” Kovalik wrote. “Come see the violence inherent in the system.”

In the video, Kovalik can be seen and heard calmly approaching Senator Fetterman and politely asking if he can ask a question, as if he needed the Senator’s approval to speak with him.

“Can I ask you something?” Kovalik politely asked Fetterman. “Why aren’t you supporting a humanitarian ceasefire [between Israel and Hamas]?”

But as soon as the Fetterman voter asked his very basic question, someone out of frame can be heard identifying themself as being “with the Senator’s team” and immediately confronting Kovalik for daring to ask the Democrat about the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

This is what Democrats call “democracy”

The individual who claimed to be with Senator Fetterman’s team seemingly proceeded to tell the Democrat voter that he could talk to the staffer, not Fetterman, who he would then talk to for Kovalik to get his answer.

While telling a voter they can’t speak to a Senator they voted for is obviously absurd, it’s likely that the staffer remembered that Fetterman is incapable of understanding any words that are spoken to him, or form coherent sentences in reply, without the aid of a computer software that transcribes his conversations due to the effects of the near-fatal stroke he suffered last year.

Nevertheless, as any American should respond when told they’re not allowed to question the ruling class elites, Kovalik responded, “No, I can talk to him, I voted for him.”

“I’m sorry, this is a democracy,” Kovalik added to the staffer, who agreed America “absolutely is” a democracy, before frustratingly pointing out how patently un-democratic it is for a voter not to be allowed to ask an elected official a question by mockingly responding, “Yeah, but kind of, sort of.”

Kovalik then turned back to Fetterman and continued by stating that “10,000 people in Gaza have been killed, half are children, the Pope’s calling for a ceasefire, the UN has called for a ceasefire, I’m just asking – you’re a good guy, I’ve voted for ya, I know you’re a nice guy, this is important –”

But before he could finish what he was saying to the Democrat Senator, another individual literally bum rushed Kovalik and demanded that he “needed to leave,” before aggressively pushing the Fetterman voter backwards throughout the entire venue until he finally pushed him out the door and all the way into the parking lot.

“Because I asked the Senator a question?!” Kovalik can be heard exclaiming as he was violently thrown out of the building.

When some of the events’ attendees, including the individual filming the entire ordeal, called the Fetterman lackey out for assault and told him it was uncalled for, the goon, who was wearing a backwards hat, shorts, and a black hoodie as if it were the dress code for anyone associated with the bum of Senator, responded inaudibly but can be heard explaining, “It’s my job,” and saying, “That’s my Senator,” in regards to Fetterman.

This is the way Democrats are treating their own voters, who pay for tickets to attend events they’re headlining, in order to ask them simple questions.

How do you think they’re treating people who actually disagree with them?

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