This family of Taylor Swift fans just had the most shocking experience of their lives

May 3, 2024

Pop megastar Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour is an event that brings families together.

“Swifties” span generations.

And this family of Taylor Swift fans just had the most shocking experience of their lives.

A night of fun enjoying the Swift “Eras” tour film nearly turns into a nightmare

Anissa Tinnin and her four-year-old grandchild were getting all settled in for a night of singing and dancing as they watched the film version of Swift’s “Eras” tour.

Tinnin wrote on Facebook that they had all their snacks ready and the movie cued up when a sweet grandmother-granddaughter night of fun nearly turned deadly.

“We ate dinner, bathed and snuggled on the couch for her favorite movie, Taylor Swift Era’s. We had our popcorn and M&M’s dancing and singing along when our lives were about to suddenly change,” Tinnin wrote on Facebook.

Tinnin explained that a career criminal on the run from the law tried to break into their Albuquerque home.

Tinnin said she pleaded for the criminal to leave after giving him the keys to her car.

But the thug returned when the fob to the car didn’t work.

“A longtime convicted felon who was running from the police, broke into our home. For 2 minutes, I negotiated with him to give him what he wanted and begged for the life of mine and my granddaughter. He left with the several keys as well as fob’s to my car, but when they didn’t work, he returned,” Tinnin added.

Being a gun owner saved lives

Tinnin said that when the hoodlum returned, she knew she needed to get her granddaughter to safety and then get the firearm she keeps in the house because this situation was about to get ugly.

“When I got him outside the first time, I knew I needed to get my granddaughter and dog to a safe location and get my firearm. I did just that. As I exited our bedroom to go down the hallway, he broke into the home again by busting in our locked front door and came at me,” Tinnin added.

Tinnin said she warned the thug not to come any closer, but he wouldn’t listen.

Knowing her life – and the life of her granddaughter – were in grave danger, Tinnin had no choice but to shoot the intruder.

“I yelled for him to stop but he didn’t. I shot him. I then rendered aid until police arrived. There’s so much to this story and will be more to come but I have received so many wonderful and loving calls and texts, I wanted to let everyone know we are safe and my family is working through this traumatic time,” Tinnin added.

Tinnin rendered aid until the police could arrive and take the crook into custody.

Tinnin blamed soft-on-crime politicians who demonize police and look for ways to empty prisons to turn the city into a hellhole.

“This city is a mess. Criminals are ruining innocent people’s lives everyday. I’m sick of keeping quiet about the disaster this city’s leadership has created. Please pray for our family as we navigate through this traumatic and emotional time,” Tinnin concluded.

New Mexico Governor under fire

Owning a firearm is the only thing that saved the lives of Tinnin and her granddaughter.

But if New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham had her way, the thug would have murdered the two of them.

That’s because Grisham tried to pass an executive order that banned gun ownership in Albuquerque and its surrounding areas.

Law enforcement refused to comply, and Grisham eventually backed down.

But this story goes to show that gun grabbers ultimate goal of disarming the American people just leaves innocents as sitting ducks.

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