The View co-hosts were terrified of Bill Maher speaking one ugly fact

May 24, 2024

Members of the media are losing their minds over the state of the 2024 race.

Insanity is taking root.

And The View co-hosts were terrified of Bill Maher speaking one ugly fact.

Joy Behar admits she pulls her punches on Joe Biden 

Americans depend on members of the press to speak honestly to them about what’s going on in politics.

Joy Behar of The View admits she isn’t being truthful with her audience when she talks about Joe Biden.

Behar told guest Bill Maher she pulled her punches when criticizing Biden out of fear that swing voters would see a reliable liberal taking Biden to task and switch their vote to Donald Trump.

“I’m nervous about saying anything against Biden because I feel, not that I have so much power — and you have some more than I do obviously. Are you afraid that might influence people who are on the fence?” Behar stated.

Maher rejected that approach.

“I think you lose all credibility,” Maher responded.

Maher said his leftist audience for his Real Time show on HBO won’t always agree with him.

In fact, liberals are regularly upset over Maher’s opposition to transgenderism, critical race theory, and outspoken opposition to the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party.

But Maher explained that his audience tunes in every week because they know they will hear Maher’s honest thoughts.

“I do. I mean, my bond with my audience has always been [that] I don’t pull a punch. My bond with my audience is you’re not gonna like everything I say, but you know I’m saying what I really think is true,” Maher added.

Maher expresses doubts about Biden’s age 

Polls continue to show the American people harbor doubts about Joe Biden’s age.

A February Wall Street Journal poll found 73 percent of voters thought Joe Biden was “too old to run.”

The New York Times and Siena University released the results of a March survey showing 72 percent of likely voters believed “Biden was just too old to be an effective President.”

Joy Behar and other media liberals spent the last four years tiptoeing around the fact that voters believe Joe Biden is suffering from severe cognitive problems and that it was showing up in polls.

Polls also show record low trust in the media because media elites like Behar are afraid to speak truths they know will hurt the Democrat Party’s chances to win elections.

Maher called BS on that mentality and declared that the press should discuss Biden’s age because he’s old.

“We are not young, but we don’t present as old. Biden does,” Maher stated.

Maher then referenced a speech in Michigan where Biden forgot when he was Vice President and claimed he was in office during the pandemic as evidence that Biden comes off like a corpse. 

“I saw him yesterday making that speech, I mean, I’m sorry, but he’s cadaver-like,” Maher added.

A history lesson for Democrats

Maher then unfavorably compared Biden to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg didn’t retire after Barack Obama won re-election in 2012, even though she was diagnosed with cancer.

After Trump won in 2016, Ginsburg then tried to hold on through the 2020 election so a Democrat could pick her successor.

But Ginsburg passed away in September 2020 allowing Donald Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill her seat.

Putting Barrett on the Court gave conservatives the votes necessary to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Maher said Ginsburg not retiring when Democrats held the White House and Senate in 2013 “ruined her legacy.”

And Maher thinks the media’s unwillingness to speak the truth about Biden’s age has allowed Biden to hang on when voters clearly think he’s too old.

That stubbornness could provide the path back for Trump to the White House, and Maher believes that, like Ginsburg, Biden will destroy his legacy by not realizing it was time to leave the stage.

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