The View begged a celebrity guest to do one thing to help Joe Biden

May 28, 2024

Joe Biden’s cheerleaders in the media sense it’s panic time.

Liberals are warning that Donald Trump is going to win the election unless something drastic changes.

And The View co-hosts begged a celebrity guest to do one thing to help Joe Biden.

View co-hosts beg popular radio host to endorse Joe Biden 

Charlamagne tha God hosts Power 105.1’s popular morning show The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is the number one platform to reach black voters, a core Democrat constituency.

In 2020, Charlamagne endorsed Joe Biden.

But over the course of Biden’s four years, Charlamagne has grown disenchanted, mocking Biden as too old and saying he lacks “main character energy.”

Charlamagne has also said he won’t endorse anyone in 2024, even though he doesn’t support Donald Trump.

Like everyone else in the media, View co-host Sonny Hostin saw swing state polls from the New York Times and Siena showing Trump beating Biden in five of the six battleground states.

In those polls, Trump pulled 23 percent of the black vote, and Biden won just 63 percent, nearly 30 percent below the 90 percent a Democrat needs to win from black voters to win an election.

Hostin also understood the influence Charlamagne had with black voters.

And she begged Charlamagne to get off the sidelines, endorse Biden, and encourage his audience to do the same.

“Let’s get to it and get real,” Hostin pleaded. “You have a massive platform reaching millions of listeners and you and I have talked about it before. You endorsed Joe Biden back in 2020, but this time around you say you’re not going to endorse anybody. Charlamagne, now is not the time, in my opinion, to sit this one out.”

Charlamagne said he would vote in November but that he would vote for “issues” as opposed to an “individual.”

“But why not endorse? Why not endorse Biden?” Hostin whined.

Charlamagne explains his refusal to endorse Biden 

Charlamagne made it clear he’s no fan of Donald Trump, regurgitating the typical liberal lie about Trump being a threat to democracy.

“Because if I’m sitting here telling my listeners that you have somebody out there who is a threat to democracy, you have somebody out there who said they want to, you know, suspend the Constitution to overthrow the results of an election. You saw this person try to lead an attempted coup of this country and I’m telling people this guy is a threat to democracy … There’s only two candidates out there. So if I’m saying that about this individual, the choice is clear, right?” Charlamagne stated. “Why do y’all need us to say this if we don’t feel comfortable saying it?”

That wasn’t good enough for Whoopi Goldberg.

“It’s not that we need you to say it but I think other folks need to hear,” Goldberg responded before attacking the media for not beating the American people over the head with “facts,” by which Goldberg meant Joe Biden’s talking points.

Charlamagne said he couldn’t in good conscience endorse Joe Biden because, in his own way, Biden was no better than Trump.

“The reality is I think both candidates are trash,” Charlamagne responded. 

“But I am going to vote in November and I’m going to vote my best interest and I’m going to vote who I think can preserve democracy so if I think both are trash and don’t feel like endorsing one, would you rather me endorse the individual or the fact that, hey, we need to go out and protect democracy?” Charlamagne asked.

“Help him out!” Hostin begged. “Help him out!”

The Democrats big worry

Black voter turnout declined in 2022.

The biggest obstacle Joe Biden faces is the fact that polls show Americans see him as a failed President.

That has created a lack of urgency among black voters to turn over for a President who has made their lives worse by creating inflation and border crises.

A drop off in black voter turnout in 2024 would cripple Biden’s chances of winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as Democrats are counting on running up big margins in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Wisconsin, cities like Milwaukee and Madison.

The View co-hosts understand that Charlamagne’s “meh” feelings about Biden run deep – especially among black men – and that’s why Hostin pressured Charlamagne to get with the program and endorse Biden.

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