The secretly recorded and leaked audio clip that has this top college football coach under fire will have you rolling your eyes

Nov 17, 2023

Woke extremism has seeped into every aspect of human civilization.

That’s turned everything upside down as the woke extremist victim mentality runs rampant throughout society.

And now the secretly recorded and leaked audio clip that has this top college football coach under fire will have you rolling your eyes.

Checking off all the woke offenses

Roughly two months ago, Ole Miss defensive tackle DeSanto Rollins filed a $40 million lawsuit against the University of Mississippi and head coach Lane Kiffin “for failure to provide equal protection, racial and sexual discrimination, and multiple other allegations,” per ESPN’s report at the time.

Rollins claimed that he was kicked off the team for missing mandatory practices and meetings during what he called a “mental health crisis.”

After signing a letter of intent to play for Ole Miss as a three-star recruit out of high school in 2019, the backup defensive tackle suffered numerous injuries, including a concussion and Achilles tendon injury last year, which he says ultimately caused “severe depression, anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, humiliation, a loss of sleep and loss of appetite.”

Due to his injuries and the top-20 recruiting classes Kiffin continues to bring to Ole Miss every year, Rollins ultimately found himself buried at the bottom of the team’s depth chart and was relegated to a role on the practice squad.

Rollins asked Kiffin whether his being on the practice squad was a “choice or a command,” to which he alleges that Kiffin replied by saying, “If he didn’t like it then he should quit,” and the defensive tackle responded by taking “a mental health break.”

From there, Rollins refused to meet with Kiffin or show up for nearly two months despite “repeated requests” from the program’s staff, and claims he was ultimately removed from the team.

He also claimed that no one from Ole Miss provided him with materials about mental health or gave him a mental health referral to help him deal with his issues.

According to his $40 million lawsuit, Kiffin took “adverse action” against the defensive tackle “on account of race for requesting and taking a mental health break, but not taking adverse action against white student-athletes.”

Furthermore, Rollins claimed Ole Miss engaged in sexual discrimination against him by not taking the “adverse action” he claims to have experienced “against female student-athletes for requesting and taking a mental health break.”

The secret recording

At the time of filing his lawsuit, he admitted to secretly recording Kiffin during the first and only meeting the two had after Rollins refused to meet with him or show up for any team activities for months and provided a transcript that made it seem as though Kiffin kicked him off the team for taking “a mental health break.”

But now, what was actually said in that meeting has leaked, and quite frankly, it proves Rollins and the media’s version of events – that he is a victim who was unjustly kicked off one of the top college football programs in the country for taking a “mental health break” – may not stand up to scrutiny.

“If you would have come here when you kept getting messages, ‘the head coach wants to talk to you,’ and you say, ‘I’m not ready to talk to him’ – what f**king world do you live in?” Kiffin said in a leaked clip of part of the meeting, as Rollins interrupted him to say he “wasn’t” ready to talk after a nearly two month “mental health break.”

“I don’t understand why you got to be disrespectful,” Rollins actually replied without a hint of irony.

“Get out of here, go,” Kiffin replied. “You’re off the team. You’re done, see ya. Go. And guess what? We can kick you off the team. So go read your f**king rights about mental health. We can kick you off the team for not showing up. When the head coach asks to meet with you and you don’t show up for weeks, we can remove you from the team. It’s called being a p***y. It’s called hiding behind s**t and not showing up to work.”

Furthermore, in addition to that leaked audio clip of part of the meeting between Kiffin and Rollins, a motion to dismiss filed by Kiffin’s attorneys transcribed the rest of their exchange that the leaked clip conveniently left out.

“You have a f—ing head coach,” Kiffin said. “This is a job. Guess what? If I have mental issues — and I’m not diminishing them — I can’t not see my f**king boss, when you were told again and again the head coach needs to see you.”

Just based on that entire exchange, it’s clear that Kiffin has tried for weeks to meet with Rollins to help him, but his refusal to show up or even speak to him was the final straw, not him taking a “mental health break” nearly two months earlier.

The truth is coming out

On top of that, more facts have also begun to come out that appear to be unwinding the tangled web Rollins weaved with his lawsuit.

Bleacher Report reported that Rollins had multiple sessions with the team’s sports psychologist – provided to him by the University as part of his full scholarship – throughout the period he was on a “mental health break,” which kneecaps his claim that no one associated with Ole Miss did anything to help him.

Furthermore, Ole Miss released a statement in which they revealed that Rollins has remained on scholarship throughout this entire ordeal – even now, despite him suing the school – was never actually kicked off the team and continues to have the same opportunities as every other student-athlete at the school.

“DeSanto was never removed from the football team and remains on scholarship,” Ole Miss said in a statement. “In addition, he continues to have the opportunity to receive all of the resources and advantages that are afforded a student-athlete at the university.”

Needless to say, this is all starting to appear to be yet another nothing-burger fueled by the woke extremist victim mentality and participation trophy culture.

But of course, none of those facts are going to stop the media from running with the story and attempting to tear down Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss as another sacrifice on the altar of woke.

24/7 Politics will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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