Tech giant just invested $2 billion in a company whose CEO admits he has a one in four chance of destroying the world

Nov 2, 2023

Big tech is ramping up its efforts to control our lives.

And it seems they will spare no expense to take complete control.

That’s why this tech giant just invested $2 billion in a company whose CEO admits he has a one in four chance of destroying the world.

Google has now seemingly gone all-in on an artificial intelligence start-up company.

The end of the world?

While that in and of itself is not too surprising, after all Google has long been one of the biggest boys on the Big Tech block, what the owners of this new AI company are saying is causing shockwaves.

The owners have openly admitted that their AI technology could end up wiping out humanity.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has invested $2 billion into the AI start-up company Anthropic.

Anthropic is generally considered a chief rival to Open AI, which is the company behind ChatGPT that has become probably the best-known AI program over the past year.

While Google’s investment into Anthropic is big news in the Big Tech world, what is really causing a stir?

The Daily Mail reported that Anthropic’s CEO and co-founder, Dario Amodei, whose surname roughly translates to “one whom God loves,” made the claim that AI has anywhere between a 10 and 25 percent chance of destroying humanity.

No wonder Google’s investment is such big news.

It seems Google is willingly investing in a company that could destroy the world.

Can we avoid the downsides?

Amodei did end up qualifying his comment on the Logan Bartlett Show, saying, “If we can avoid the downsides then this stuff about curing cancer, extending human lifespan, solving problems like mental illness… I don’t think it’s outside the scope of what this can do.”

Google has already pumped $500 million into Anthropic, with the remaining investment to be doled out over a period of time.

The $2 billion Google investment comes after Amazon invested $4 billion into Anthropic, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta are in a mad dash to take control of the AI world.

AI is the latest advance in the technological revolution.

And while Google and Microsoft have previously invested in OpenAI, Anthropic has become the latest and greatest investments for these Big Tech companies.

Before co-founding Anthropic, Amodei was previously OpenAI’s Vice President of research.

In the three short years since Amodei OpenAI, Anthropic has become a company worth $5 billion.

Maybe that’s why Anthropic’s CEO was not afraid to suggest that there are serious potential consequences of creating such sophisticated AI.

He claimed that “[m]y chance that something goes really quite catastrophically wrong on the scale of human civilization might be somewhere between 10 percent and 25 percent.”

“That means there is a 75 percent to 90 percent chance that this technology is developed and everything goes fine.”

But everything is not going fine so far.

Anthropic has already been hit with a lawsuit by Universal Music Group and other major record labels for allegedly distributing copyrighted lyrics without a licensing deal.

The Daily Mail reported that the CEO of GoDigital Media Group, Jason Peterson, has suggested this is likely a clear-cut case of infringement.

So while Amodei may not destroy humanity just yet, he seems to be doing a decent job of damaging his own company.

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