Sean Hannity revealed this secret that’s game over for Joe Biden

May 24, 2024

Joe Biden’s already on the ropes in the Presidential election.

Biden’s facing a major time crunch as the election is less than six months away and his poll numbers haven’t improved.

And Sean Hannity revealed this secret that’s game over for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s history of racist gaffes

The media has spent eight years lying about Donald Trump.

One of the worst falsehoods so-called “journalists” smeared Trump with was sliming him as a racist.

With polls showing Donald Trump winning around 20 percent of the black vote, the desperate attacks only increased.

The media’s disinformation campaign distracts from the candidate with the real history of racist remarks – Joe Biden.

Hannity played a montage of Biden’s racial gaffes, including when he said anyone voting for Trump over him wasn’t really black and claimed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wanted to enslave black Americans.

“How is it that Joe Biden — we played that tape of Joe Biden and the things he said: “You ain’t Black,” and, you know, “They’re gonna put you all back in chains,” Hannity began to set up his guest, RINO Senator Tim Scott.

Scott is rumored to be on the shortlist for VP, so he laid the attacks on thick, thinking this appearance was an audition for the role of Trump’s running mate.

“The thing that was the most unbelievable to me, and if it were a Republican, it probably would be career killing, which is him partnering with his friend and mentor, a former Klansman, to stop the integration of public schools and busing,” Scott began.

Even Democrats attacked Biden for being a racist 

Democrats used to be open about Biden’s history of racism.

Scott pointed out the only standout moment from Kamala Harris’ otherwise embarrassing political career came in the first Democrat Presidential primary debate.

Harris basically called Biden a racist to his face for palling around with segregationist Senators.

“Even Kamala Harris criticized him for that in that presidential primary debate in 2020. “I was that girl,” I believe she said. Because he didn’t want public schools to — his words! — to be like “racial jungles.” Am I the only one in the country that dares to bring this up and ask incredulously,” Scott exclaimed.

Harris briefly shot to the top of the polls before the voters realized she was an extremely cringey try hard.

But her attack was so effective that Jill Biden reportedly wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Joe Biden picking her as his running mate, wondering if there was someone Biden could pick who didn’t call him a racist.

The media ignores Biden’s racial gaffes

Scott also expressed disgust with the media being so in the tank for Biden that they refused to cover his history of racism out of fear it would help Trump win the election.

“You know they’re not putting that on CNN. You know they’re not playing on MSNBC. They are not sharing the truth of who Joe Biden has always been. We should run commercial after commercial with Kamala Harris telling Joe Biden what he did in the sixties,” Scott added.

Scott made the case that black voters were moving towards Trump because they were tired of Democrats like Joe Biden who played the race card every election year and delivered no meaningful improvements to their lives.

“And in addition to that, we should make sure that his words of the “jungle” — what a disgusting reflection on who he is. I will say this without any question: jobs and justice are moving more Black folks towards Donald Trump because we want fairness,” Scott continued.

Scott agreed with Hannity that Joe Biden’s association with now-deceased Democrat Senator Harry Byrd – a former member of the Klu Klux Klan – was an embarrassment that the media tried to cover up.

“And what we hear from Joe Biden over and over again is a pandering tour. But you’re 100% right to [see Biden] associate with a racist, a KKK member, and to celebrate it. You can only do that when all of the national media goes dark. They won’t cover any negative news on Joe Biden,” Scott concluded.

While the media may sweep Biden’s history of racism under the rug, it can’t convince the American people to disbelieve their lying eyes and forget that from crime, to the border, to inflation, their lives have gotten worse on Joe Biden’s watch.

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