Sean Hannity destroyed Rachel Maddow with one devastating question

Feb 21, 2024

Sean Hannity had heard enough.

It was time to set the record straight.

And Sean Hannity destroyed Rachel Maddow with one devastating question.

Rachel Maddow told viewers following one of Trump’s victories in the primaries that MSNBC would not show his speech because Trump supposedly tells lies.

Sean Hannity found that rationale for censoring Donald Trump rich.

“As you just heard during his victory speech, Donald Trump struck what was a unifying tone. But apparently, according to part-time make-believe journalist and full-time left-wing, hate-Trump conspiracy theorists like radical Rachel Maddow, Trump’s speech was too dangerous for the fragile ears of NBC’s loyal viewers,” Hannity began.

“They didn’t take any of the speech live. Instead, no, Miss Maddow was lecturing Americans about truth and integrity,” Hannity added.

Hannity asked rhetorically if Maddow had any self-awareness in claiming Trump was a font of misinformation, given the fact that Maddow, for a brief period of time, ascended to the top-rated host on cable television based on her relentlessly pushing the deranged Russia collusion hoax.

Important question 

“This is a joke, right? Serious question: Does Maddow not have any self-awareness at all? No one in the media mob has peddled more lies, more conspiracy theories than Rachel Maddow,” Hannity continued.

“Every night for about five solid years, and it still goes on to this day, Maddow proudly donned that tinfoil hat and spread some of the most insane, craziest conspiracy theories that we’ve ever heard,” Hannity concluded.

The entire anti-Trump media threw themselves into the delusion that Trump colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 2016 election.

In March 2017, Maddow referred to the Trump Presidency as a “continuing operation” by Russia to secretly exert control over the American government.

“We are also starting to see what may be signs of continuing influence in our country. Not just during the campaign, but during the administration. Basically signs what could be a continuing operation,” Maddow exclaimed.

Maddow even defended the legitimacy of the hoax Steele dossier, pointing to a dubious March 2017 report by CNN to support the dossier, claiming “some of the conversations described in the dossier took place between the same individuals on the same days and from the same locations as detailed in the dossier.”

Damning admission

Maddow pushed the dossier even while admitting she had no idea if it was true.

“But even if that is as yet in itself uncorroborated and undocumented,” Maddow added, “all the supporting details are checking out, even the really outrageous ones. A lot of them are starting to bear out under scrutiny. It seems like a new one each passing day.”

When Robert Mueller finally released his report showing no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, the air came out of the balloon.

Maddow’s ratings sank as viewers realized Maddow was selling soap with her fantastical claims of Trump the Russia agent being exposed as false.

But in typical media fashion, Maddow memory holed that embarrassment and moved on to the next anti-Trump outrage.

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