Peter Doocy backed Joe Biden into a corner with this awful revelation

May 29, 2024

Fox News’ Peter Doocy is one of the few White House reporters that asks real questions.

That makes him the administration’s least favorite media member.

But now Peter Doocy backed Joe Biden into a corner with this awful revelation.

Joe Biden’s refusal to hold press conferences raises questions about his age 

Through March, Joe Biden has only held 33 press conferences.

Donald Trump held 88 press conferences, and Barack Obama took questions at 164 press conferences.

As Biden trails Donald Trump in the polls, Biden’s unwillingness to take questions reinforces in the minds of voters that Biden is too old and enfeebled to serve as President.

When Biden does take press conferences, they are carefully staged affairs where Biden calls on a pre-selected list of reporters who submit their questions in advance so Biden can respond with pre-scripted answers.

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy asked his son and network White House correspondent Peter Doocy about a joint press event with Kenyan President William Ruto where each world leader takes two questions.

“Well, Peter, it also sounds like today’s festivities are a substitute for an actual press conference. I mean, when the last time the president had an actual press conference with all you people in the room, and then he called on, like, 50 people?” Doocy began.

Biden’s conduct at press conferences become an issue 

Doocy remarked that it had been years since Biden held a free-wheeling press event.

“The last time that he called on, like, 50 people was like two years ago, three years ago, and he made a whole show about going for two hours,” Doocy began.

That’s not an accident.

Doocy also referenced books about the Biden White House, revealing the fact that First Lady Jill Biden was furious that the press staff let Biden answer questions for that long.

“And books have been written since that say that the First Lady was standing in the back looking at the press team like, “Who’s going to pull him?” Now they do everything much more abbreviated. But it’s been a while,” Doocy added.

Doocy calls out Biden

Doocy gently broached the subject of how Biden only takes scripted questions and delivers scripted answers.

“It seems like they really want to control the message. And right now, it’s also kind of complicated because you’ve got White House officials who want an official policy statement made, and they don’t want to deviate from that. And then you’ve got these folks up in Wilmington who want specific campaign things out,” Doocy continued.

Democrats already feel free to freeze out Fox.

Joe Biden won’t appear in a debate with Donald Trump hosted by Fox.

If Doocy explicitly said Biden’s team won’t let him answer unscripted questions because they are terrified of Biden’s cognitive decline becoming the headline, it would cripple his ability to do his job.

So instead, Doocy obliquely called out Biden’s mental impairment by noting that Biden’s most recent speech to the NAACP in Michigan required the White House staff to edit the transcript nine different times because Biden is unable to read a teleprompter without experiencing cognitive failures.

“And President Biden is kind of in the middle, and a Rose Garden ceremony with the president of Kenya is not really a great place to talk politics, even though that’s all that anybody in the Rose Garden is likely going to want to do. And so White House officials are going to try to figure out who to call on, who’s not going to ask some question about, something like the nine mistakes that he made in the NAACP speech over the weekend,” Doocy concluded.

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