One Super Bowl coach made a mind blowing comment about Taylor Swift endorsing Joe Biden

Feb 9, 2024

There is no question that Taylor Swift’s presence at Kansas City Chiefs games this season became one of the biggest stories in the National Football League.

Swift is about to become a key player in the 2024 election.

And one Super Bowl coach made a mind blowing comment about Taylor Swift endorsing Joe Biden.

One of the controversies the media is trying to  manufacture is a fight between Trump’s MAGA base and “Swifties” – Taylor Swift’s dedicated fan base.

Members of the media seized on comments made by a couple of social media influencers about Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end Travis Kelce being a publicity stunt to build to Swift endorsing Joe Biden at the Super Bowl when around 120,000,000 Americans are expected to tune in.

The media generated this controversy in the hopes of angering Swift’s fans – who tend to be the type of young, female voters Joe Biden needs to turn out – and “otherize” Trump supporters in the minds of everyday Americans by making them seem like conspiracy theorist weirdos.

Donald Trump has nothing to do with this, but the media is running a guilty-by-association campaign because Joe Biden is down in the polls and the press is growing panicked over the possibility of a Trump restoration.

Super Bowl media day saw the latest attempt to gin up a story where none exists when a German reporter asked Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid about these so-called “Republican conspiracies” about the relationship between Swift and Kelce.

“As you said before, times have changed a lot,” the reporter asked. “The internet, mobile phones… What do you say about the conspiracies that have popped up concerning Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Like some kind of Republican conspiracies that you guys made it into the Super Bowl to actually secretly re-elect or help re-elect President Biden?”

Reid – like 99 percent of Americans who don’t spend all day on social media – had no idea what this reporter was talking about.

“That’s way out of my league,” Reid shot back. “Very similar to me speaking German.”

Reid then said he limited his knowledge of the President to who would be in the Oval Office if the team visited following a Super Bowl win.

Reid has coached in four previous Super Bowls – one with the Philadelphia Eagles and three with the Chiefs – and he handled this question like a seasoned pro by not going anywhere near the media’s attempt to create a political controversy out of the Super Bowl.

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