One Republican may get expelled from Congress after an unexpected turn of events

Oct 31, 2023

Republicans already hold a narrow majority in the House of Representatives.

The margins are about to shrink even more.

And one Republican may get expelled from Congress after an unexpected turn of events.

The Justice Department indicted New York Republican Congressman George Santos on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, false statements, falsification of records, aggravated identity theft, and credit card fraud stemming from allegations of campaign finance law violation during the 2022 election.

Santos stands accused of stealing people’s credit card numbers to make fraudulent campaign donations and fabricating that he loaned his campaign $500,000 to cover up for the fact that he received an illegal corporate donation.

Shortly after Santos won the election in New York’s Third Congressional District, local media revealed that Santos pulled a Joe Biden and lied about virtually every aspect of his life, including his education, work history, personal wealth, and even the fact that he was a homosexual who allegedly performed as a drag queen in Brazil.

Republicans in swing districts in New York worried they would be tarred with guilt by association when they ran for re-election next year.

These establishment moderates – Anthony D’Esposito, Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro, and Nick LaLota filed a motion to expel Santos from Congress.

Previous Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy had pushed the New York Republicans to hold off on filing a motion to expel Santos until the Ethics Committee completed its investigation.

But Santos refused to resign under any circumstances and pledged to run for re-election.

With McCarthy out of their way, the establishment Republicans from New York filed their expulsion motion against Santos.

Expelling a Member of Congress is a high bar, requiring a two-thirds vote to do the deed.

But the Republicans looking to boot Santos believe they have the votes.

“I think we’re getting 2/3rds. There seems to be a good sentiment out there that enough is enough,” LaLota stated.

This motion to expel Santos was dropped on new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s first day on the job.

And it doesn’t look like Johnson will stand in the way of an effort to boot Santos.

“He said do what you think is right and do what’s right for your district,” D’Esposito told reporters.

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