One old Clinton library photo that just resurfaced has the Clintons scrambling after social media linked it to Epstein

Jan 11, 2024

The release of the Epstein files was not a good day for former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton faces a torrent of questions about his relationship with the deceased pedophile.

Now the Clintons are scrambling over a resurfaced old Clinton library photo that social media linked it to Epstein, and no one can believe who leaked it.

Bill Clinton can’t escape mentions of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Clinton Presidential Center made an unforced error 

The Clinton Presidential Center deleted a tweet showing a picture of Clinton writing his first email as President because the caption on the photo asked who people thought Clinton emailed, and an overwhelming number of users responded, “Epstein.”

The Clinton Presidential Center is part of the Clinton Foundation, for which Epstein himself was reportedly a major contributor.

This social media fiasco came on the heels of a federal Judge ordering the release of more than 150 names that were redacted from court documents in Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 lawsuit against Epstein Madame Ghislaine Maxwell.

Giuffre sued Maxwell for facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, and Bill Clinton’s name appeared in court records more than 50 times.

In one exchange during her testimony, Giuffre claimed Epstein told her Clinton likes them – meaning girls – “young.”

Giuffre also testified that Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island, which directly contradicted Clinton’s denials that he ever visited the site of Epstein’s crimes.

While Giuffre never implicated Clinton in any illegal activity, she also sought to have him testify as part of her lawsuit.

Hillary’s messages to Epstein Madam

Giuffre’s lawyers also requested all correspondence between Hillary Clinton and Maxwell.

While Clinton may not have committed a crime in his dealings with Epstein, Giuffre clearly thought the Clintons knew something of value that would help her case against Maxwell.

This only raised more questions about what Bill Clinton saw in his dozens of flights aboard Epstein’s private plane and what the Clintons knew about how Maxwell and Epstein conducted their affairs.

The key questions then became: what did the Clintons know about Epstein and Maxwell, and when did they know it?

Far from resolving this story, the records from Giuffre’s lawsuit added more intrigue to the story and hardened the belief that Bill Clinton hasn’t been forthcoming about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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