One of The View co-hosts noticed this strange thing about the jury in Trump’s trial 

May 16, 2024

Donald Trump’s criminal trial consumed the media.

Liberals in the press waited years for the chance to see someone throw Trump in the slammer.

And one of The View co-hosts noticed this strange thing about the jury in Trump’s trial.

The View co-host attends Trump trial 

The View’s Sonny Hostin – who is a lawyer by training – attended Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan.

Hostin couldn’t help herself but insult Donald Trump by leaning into the “orange man bad” trope saying Trump’s skin color looked “burnt sienna” in person.

“It’s a burnt sienna. I have never seen him in person. I didn’t realize he was that orange… It’s almost like a radioactive orange, and it’s very shocking to see in person because he’s a tall person and he’s also a little thinner now,” Hostin stated.

Hostin then got down to more important business.

While she may not know much about politics, Hostin retains some knowledge from having practiced law.

And Hostin knows that in any trial the jury is the most important variable.

In this case, Hostin expressed quiet confidence the jury was part of a rigged show trial since it featured far more women than men.

“I think that cases are won and lost with jury selection. There are several lawyers on the jury. That was striking to me. It’s a very diverse jury,” Hostin stated.

“There are many more women on the jury than there are men, even including the alternates. I mean, I couldn’t tell which ones were the alternates but there are 18 people and the majority of them are women, so that was kind of interesting to me because if people drop out it’s a pretty female skewed jury. I will also say it’s one of the most engaged juries I’ve seen,” Hostin added.

The jury is Trump’s biggest risk

Biased Democrat Judge Juan Merchan is trying to steer the jury towards a conviction.

Given that the jury pool comes from dark blue Manhattan, Judge Merchan only has to give a gentle nudge.

Merchan is absurdly trying to allow Bragg to claim that Trump falsified business records to cover an illegal federal campaign donation in the form of Michael Cohen paying Stormy Daniels a $130,000 payment to complete a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Merchan also refused to allow Trump’s lawyers to tell the jury that Trump was never charged with a federal campaign finance violation.

Trump’s lawyers also can’t elicit testimony from an election law expert who would tell the jury that neither the NDA with Daniels nor the payment to Cohen violate federal campaign finance law.

Finally, Merchan is allowing Bragg to accuse Trump of a conspiracy to violate federal campaign finance law – something that Bragg never charged Trump with – because all that allegation requires is some knowledge that Cohen intended to pay Daniels, a payment that is perfectly legal but that Bragg now claims is a prohibited campaign donation.

Women voters are the bedrock of the Democrat coalition.

A jury made up mainly of Democrat women being virtually instructed by a biased judge to convict Trump meets the dictionary definition of a show trial.

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