One Congressman dropped a scary bombshell about the existence of UFOs

Apr 23, 2024

For decades many Americans have wondered if we are alone.

The government may be hiding the true answer to that question.

But one Congressman dropped a scary bombshell about the existence of UFOs.

Congressman blasts government for spreading ‘disinformation’ about UFOs

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) is one of the few members of Congress to candidly discuss the intelligence committee briefings about what the government knows about the UFOs caught on video and witnessed by military pilots.

Burchett told NewsNation that the government is covering up its true knowledge about what the UFOs in the sky really are.

Asked if he was “satisfied” with what administration officials told members of Congress during a briefing on UFOs, Burchett answered, “No, it’s always compartmentalized, we can’t get into certain things.”

“It’s complete disinformation,” Burchett added.

Burchett explained that the government is spending tens of millions of dollars to recover downed UFOs.

However, the Deep State won’t come clean with elected officials who hold the Article I constitutional power of oversight on what they found.

“There are tens of millions of dollars that we’ve spent investigating these things. We’ve had departments tell us that they have recovery units, but they won’t release full reports. Everything’s covered up,” Burchett added.

Burchett wrapped up by saying government officials told  him they are withholding the truth about UFOs from the people for the public’s own good.

“I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with high-ranking officials that have told me that America really can’t handle this stuff. It’s not their position to tell me who or what I can handle. We’re Americans, we ought to be able to take it, give it to us,” Burchett concluded.

Not the first time Burchett sounded the alarm 

In an interview with Tucker Carlson last summer, Burchett made waves by telling Carlson that, after one hearing, he walked out with the belief these UFOs could be alien and that humanity stood no chance against them if they were hostile.

“If they’re out there, they’re out there, and if they have this kind of technology, then they could turn us into a charcoal briquette,” Burchett told Carlson.

Burchett added that our saving grace was the beings that piloted these UFOs dismissed us as an insignificant threat so Burchett believed they posed no danger to earth.

“And if they can travel light years or at the speeds that we’ve seen, and physics as we know it, fly underwater, don’t show a heat trail, things like that, then we are vastly out of our league,
Burchett continued.

“We can’t handle it,” Burchett stated. “We couldn’t fight them off if we wanted to. That’s why I don’t think they’re a threat to us, or they would already have been.”

Decorated army officer drops blockbuster testimony about existence of UFOs

Former U.S. intelligence community official David Grusch told the House Oversight subcommittee that he “absolutely” knows the government is in possession of recovered UFOs.

Grusch told the committee he previously held the position of heading the Defense Department unit tasked with analyzing UFOs sightings and became aware of a program that stretched back decades where the government had gained possession of downed UFOs.

In his testimony, Grusch revealed he’d spoken to 40 witnesses over a 40-year period to confirm this was the case.

But this program doesn’t appear in any budgetary line items.

“Does that mean that there is money in the budget that is set to go to a program but it doesn’t and it goes to something else?,” Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) asked Grusch.

“Yes. I have specific knowledge of that,” Grusch responded.

It’s beyond debate about if there are UFOs in the sky.

Video evidence shows that to be the case.

The question is, what is their origin?

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