Nikki Haley just got hit with a brutal reality check over Ukrainian deception

Nov 14, 2023

The ruling-class elites are bound and determined to continue using taxpayer dollars to fund their proxy war against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians being slaughtered, they’ll do and say literally anything to keep the war going in the hope they can overthrow Putin and take control of Russia.

And now Nikki Haley just got hit with a brutal reality check over Ukrainian deception.

A “fledgling democracy”

A key talking point for the ruling class elites’ narrative surrounding their proxy war with Russia in Ukraine is the idea that the former Soviet country is some sort of shining example of “democracy.”

They’ve claimed that the American people should blindly support their war effort and not question the blank check of U.S. tax dollars they’ve given Ukraine because it is a “democracy,” and the U.S. should always intervene on behalf of every self-proclaimed democracy in the world.

Interestingly, they didn’t feel the same way in 2014 when President Vladimir Putin led a similar invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea region under former President Barack Obama’s watch. Wonder what changed other than a propaganda narrative that claimed Russia “stole” the 2016 election for former President Donald Trump and the revelations about then-Vice President Joe Biden selling his influence over the Obama regime’s foreign policy to a corrupt Ukrainian company?

Regardless, the ruling class elites and their allies in the media have pushed an endless stream of propaganda defending Ukraine’s “democracy,” claiming that any undemocratic aspects of the nation’s system of government are merely Russia’s fault.

“[Ukraine] is a fledgling democracy, with significant growing pains, largely the result of Russian pressure and interference in its affairs,” The Washington Post claimed in a February 2022 “fact-check” after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson challenged the assertion that Ukraine is a “democracy.”

As such, former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley repeated the ruling class’ propaganda talking points about Ukraine’s “democracy” during the most recent Republican Presidential Primary debate.

Haley wants the elites’ approval more than all else

Haley went well out of her way to portray herself as “tough” by calling Putin a “thug,” and blaming him for the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians that have died as a direct result of the ruling class’ war effort,” before espousing all the supposed virtues of Ukrainian “democracy.”

“We all remember what that thug [Putin] did when he invaded Ukraine,” Haley said during the debate. “We all know that half a million people have died because of Putin.”

“And here is a freedom-loving, pro-American country that is fighting for its survival and its democracy,” she added of Ukraine.

But Breitbart hit Haley with a brutal reality check that completely exposed the ruling class elites’ propaganda claim that Ukraine is a “democracy.”

Rating Haley’s claim as “misleading,” Breitbart pointed out that “although Ukraine emerged after the dissolution of the Soviet Union as an unstable democracy, since the Ukrainian war began in 2022, Ukraine took steps away from operating as a democracy.”

The outlet then proceeded to rattle off just a handful of the downright authoritarian and tyrannical actions Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his regime have unilaterally undertaken since the start of the conflict.

The ruling class doesn’t know the definition of “democracy”

For example, despite the fact that his constitutionally-mandated five-year term is coming to a close this year, Zelenskyy issued an order in June to indefinitely cancel all elections in Ukraine.

He even proceeded to double down on unilaterally keeping himself in power just this week, when he claimed that it was just “not the right time for elections.”

Open and fair elections are obviously a cornerstone of democracy – the U.S., for instance, has never missed an election of any kind, not even during the Civil War – and it’s difficult to understand how anyone can claim a politician and his regime unilaterally cancelling elections to keep themselves in power is in anyway “democracy” in action.

Furthermore, as Breitbart noted, Zelenskyy and his lackeys have also instituted strict censorship of all media outlets not controlled by the Ukrainian government and outright banned all political parties other than those in power.

And none of that even begins to touch on the Ukrainian regime’s ban on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and their efforts to place Orthodox priests on house arrest under the guise of them being “pro-Russian.”

Needless to say, not a single aspect of an actual democracy can be found in Ukraine today.

But that truth isn’t going to stop Nikki Haley and the rest of the ruling class elites from continuing to repeat the same propaganda talking points over and over again.

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