Mitt Romney’s team is stopping at nothing to make sure this MAGA candidate doesn’t replace him in the U.S. Senate

Nov 13, 2023

At one point, not too long ago, Mitt Romney was the face and figure head of the Grand Old Party.

However, after failing in his bid for the White House, Romney’s new mission seems to be to stop the Trump train transporting the Republican Party in a better direction.

And now, Romney and his team are stopping at nothing to ensure the former GOP White House nominee can handpick his U.S. Senate successor – and if he succeeds, it won’t be this MAGA candidate.

Mitt Romney stabs his constituents in the back

After twice failing to win his way into the White House – and after Donald Trump decided to go in a different direction for Secretary of State – Mitt Romney decided to go after the junior U.S. Senate seat in Utah.

However, in his time in the Upper Chamber, Romney has made more enemies than friends among his constituents.

Romney was a constant thorn in then-President Donald Trump’s side, working hard to derail Trump’s America First agenda.

The 2008 and 2016 loser even twice voted to convict Trump following Democrat impeachments in the House.

Furthermore, Romney refused to endorse the Beehive State’s Senior Republican Senator, Mike Lee’s, re-election efforts last year; Lee won in a landslide without his colleague’s support.

Romney has also become the leading voice for the country club, the Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP.

In fact, Romney voted with Democrats in compromising away your Second Amendment rights and voted to advance Joe Biden’s $1.7-Trillion obese omnibus bill, stuffed to the brim with pork-barrel spending and goodies and handouts for the woke.

Romney not running

Fortunately, the 76-year-old former Massachusetts Governor has declined to run for a second term in the Senate in 2024.

Instead of running for re-election, Romney has decided to ensure his successor continues to carry the water of the establishment globalists.

And his secondary goal is to make sure Utah doesn’t elect a Lee-like Senator who supports Donald Trump’s MAGA movement.

In fact, Romney’s entire support system is on board with this mission and putting their fortunes behind the elitist efforts.

Team Romney picks his successor

Breitbart News is reporting Romney’s behind-the-scenes financial backers are holding fundraising events for Utah Speaker of the House Brad Wilson in Wilson’s bid to succeed Romney in the U.S. Senate.

Leading the list is Utah’s incumbent RINO Gov. Spencer Cox, who is running for re-election in 2024.

Mega-donors Kem and Carolyn Gardner, Crystal Maggelet, Steve and Tiffanie Price, Scott Anderson, and Gail Miller are also on the list of Never-Trumpers raising money for Wilson’s election efforts.

Every one of those Romney/Wilson supporters has put their money behind anti-Trump candidates like Hillary Clinton, Liz Cheney, Kyrsten Sinema, Evan McMullin, Ben McAdams, and Becky Edwards.

In 2016, Kem Gardner even penned an op-ed entitled “Why Mormons should support Hillary Clinton.”

Trump vs. Romney playing out in Utah’s 2024 U.S. Senate race

The money from those Never-Trumpers could buy Romney’s pick, Wilson, the U.S. Senate seat.

Wilson already has a war chest about six-times the size of his biggest rival in the race, small-town Mayor Trent Staggs.

The Riverton, Utah, Mayor has emerged as the clear MAGA candidate in the 2024 race.

He’s already secured endorsements from the likes of Mark Levin, Richard Grenell, Harmeet Dhillon, Kash Patel, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA, and Kari Lake.

However, even with all that heavyweight support, Staggs has only been able to raise about $500,000 for his race – good enough for just third place in the GOP primary, and well behind the more than $3,000,000 raised already by RINO Wilson.

Staggs’ financial woes have caused concern for some conservatives who don’t want Romney to handpick his own like-minded successor.

Unfortunately, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, once rumored to be in discussions with the Trump team to Primary Romney, has declined to run for the Senate and instead is running for re-election.

But there are still a couple potential contenders stirring up a great deal of interest among Romney’s biggest naysayers in the Beehive State.

Political insiders are speculating former three-term Congressman Jason Chaffetz could be interested in throwing his hat into the ring.

And there is an effort to entice anti-human trafficking activist Tim Ballard – the real-life inspiration behind the hit movie Sound of Freedom – in the race.

But if Romney has anything to say about it, Wilson will win the Primary and General election and then continue Romney’s mission to return the GOP to its pre-Trump status.

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