Mitch McConnell just stabbed every conservative in the back with this awful power play

Feb 15, 2024

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proved where his loyalties lie.

They aren’t with the voters in the Republican Party.

And Mitch McConnell just stabbed every conservative in the back with this awful power play.

McConnell and a cabal of RINOs helped Democrats advance a $95 billion foreign aid slush fund bill that includes $61 billion to secure the border in Ukraine and nothing for the border in America.

In comments defending the bill, McConnell claimed securing the Ukrainian border was a chief responsibility of the American taxpayer.

“I know it’s become quite fashionable in some circles to disregard the global interests we have as a global power. To bemoan the responsibilities of global leadership. To lament the commitment that has underpinned the longest drought of great power conflict in human history,” McConnell declared.

“This is idle work for idle minds. And it has no place in the United States Senate,” McConnell concluded.

Senate Conservatives were furious

Utah’s Mike Lee was one of the vocal critics of McConnell selling out the American people for the Ukrainians and demanded McConnell resign as Senate Minority Leader.

“Look, Republican senators are not part of some feudal system. We each are represented to — we’re each representing our own states. And in occasion after occasion, bill after bill, we have seen Senate Republican leadership joining ranks with all or most Democrats, sharply dividing Republicans, actively alienating most Republican voters and taking a different position than most Republican senators in order to enact Democratic priorities and things that unite the Senate Democratic conference,” Lee said to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo when she asked why Lee thought McConnell needed to resign.

“This is nothing personal against any individual in leadership,” Lee added.

Lee explained that Republican voters needed Republican leadership in Congress that would represent their values and not McConnell’s of the world, who actively work to help the Democrats enact their agenda.

“And yet we do have to deal with this issue because this is how we alienate our voters. This is how we lose elections that should be won. We have got a real opportunity, Maria, for Republicans to take the majority this November. But if we keep doing things through our leadership that end up enacting priorities for the Democrats, we’re going to have brand confusion. And the voters who we need to show up to vote for Republican candidates in Senate races all over the country are going to be less likely to do that if they can’t tell which team is responsible for what policy,” Lee concluded.

Time to go

Frustration’s been building with McConnell for years.

Ever since he became Republican Senate Leader in 2007, McConnell’s been the Democrats number one ally in the Senate.

McConnell helped Democrats pass the $800 billion bank bailout in 2008.

During Barack Obama’s Presidency, McConnell walked in lockstep with Democrats on raising the debt ceiling and passing a trillion dollars spending bill to fund Obama’s agenda.

In 2022, McConnell teamed with Chuck Schumer to pass gun control, a corporate welfare bill and the Green New Deal.

And now Mitch McConnell is showing his true colors by not lifting a finger to secure America’s southern border while being willing to break the bank for border security in Ukraine.

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