Michelle Obama said these four words about running for President

Feb 8, 2024

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the unquestioned dream candidate of the Democrat Party.

But for years she’s resisted overtures to run for President.

And now Michelle Obama said these four words about running for President.

There continue to be strange smoke signals emanating from the Obama camp.

Barack Obama leaked his displeasure with the state of Joe Biden’s campaign to the Washington Post.

Michelle Obama told podcaster Jay Shetty that she’s terrified Donald Trump will win the 2024 election and end American democracy.

“I am terrified about what could possibly happen because our leaders matter, who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit. It affects us in ways that I think sometimes people take for granted,” Obama stated.

“We cannot take this democracy for granted and sometimes I worry that we do,” Obama added. “Those are the things that keep me up.”

According to legendary New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, these developments were no happy accident, and the former First Lady reportedly told Wall Street titans she planned to run for President this year and that her campaign was years in the making.

“Obama’s quietly angling for Joe to go. He’s weaseled up to this for a few weeks. Mouths aren’t talking. But mouths are knowing,” Adams wrote on January 17.

“Over one year ago, summer of 2022, she was in NYC meeting several big hedge CEOs, and said, “I am running, and I am asking for your support,” Adams added.

No one in the political world took Admas seriously.

But on February 6, Adams published another piece doubling down on her scoop that Michelle Obama would run for President and replace Joe Biden.

“While high-level DC people deny Michelle’s a maybe candidate, several firsthand sources whom she met in 2022 say I am right,” Adams wrote.

Adams declared that in her 2022 meeting in New York City, Obama told a crowd, “I plan to run,” which Adams called a “fact.”

New polling data highlights the urgency on the Left surrounding Joe Biden’s flailing campaign.

NBC News showed Donald Trump leading Biden by five points, 47 to 42 percent.

That same poll showed just 23 percent of Americans thought Biden was physically and mentally competent to serve as President.

And NBC’s poll showed Joe Biden’s only chance at victory rests with one of the rigged show trials his fellow Democrats are putting on for Donald Trump ending in a criminal conviction.

However, it’s not clear if any of the cases will go to trial before the election.

If the courts can’t come through for Democrats, Adams is reporting that Michelle Obama is going to step into the race, meaning the Democrats would pull their switcheroo at the convention this summer.

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