Megyn Kelly destroyed Don Lemon with one epic rant

Jan 17, 2024

There is no love lost between Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly.

That much is abundantly clear.

Now Megyn Kelly destroyed Don Lemon with one epic rant.

CNN finally had enough of Don Lemon’s antics and fired him after a number of sexist comments and run-ins with his female cohosts, Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow, on the low-rated CNN This Morning show.

Conservatives had long grown weary of Lemon’s partisan rants, where he seemed to spend every broadcast ranting and raving about how Donald Trump and his supporters were a bunch of white supremacist domestic terrorists out to destroy American democracy.

But now Lemon is attempting to make a comeback.

Lemon is following the Tucker Carlson playbook by starting his own media company and launching with a show streamed on X.

Lemon – who was one of the liberals who had no problem with Big Tech censoring Donald Trump and his supporters – hailed X as a bastion of free speech.

“I’ve heard you…and today I am back bigger, bolder, freer! My new media company’s first project is The Don Lemon Show,” Lemon declared. “It will be available for everyone, easily, whenever and wherever you want it, streaming on the platforms where the conversations are happening. And you’ll find it first on X, the biggest space for free speech in the world.”

“I know now more than ever that we need a place for honest debate and discussion without hall monitors,” Lemon added. “This is just the beginning so stay tuned.”

Lemon’s new claim to now love free speech sickened conservatives like Megyn Kelly, who panned Lemon’s new project.

“He’s shown us who he is,” Kelly told the listeners of her podcast. “Believe him. He’s not someone who I’m rooting for.”

Kelly explained that she understood Lemon starting a show on X helped out Elon Musk as it neutered the lies from the left that Musk turned X into a pro-Republican platform, but Kelly said that didn’t mean she had to root for Lemon’s comeback to succeed.

“I’m not saying he should never be allowed to speak again. I’m just saying I don’t have to personally cheerlead it or think it’s a good thing or recognize that this is like some sort of an important voice in the conversation, and ‘yay for Elon for making it possible for him to come back,’” Kelly continued. “He’s a prick and he f#cking hates Republicans.”

Kelly went on describing Lemon as a bad actor who hates the country and hates Republicans even more and that she hopes his new venture fails.

“I realize that the magnanimous move is to say, ‘Good for Don, he got canceled off of CNN, and now he’s reinventing himself on Twitter.’ Well, that’s not what I say,” Kelly concluded. “I think he’s disgusting, he hates America, he hates Republicans, and I’m not looking forward to his voice reemerging – other than to mock it, which I one hundred percent plan to do. That’s the only silver lining in this one for me.”

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