Megyn Kelly couldn’t believe the woke agenda at this major media outlet

Jun 10, 2024

The press in America is off the rails.

News outlets are more dedicated to their preferred political narrative than informing the public.

And now Megyn Kelly couldn’t believe the woke agenda at this major media outlet.

Turmoil at the Washington Post 

The Washington Post is in utter chaos.

Executive Editor Sally Buzbee – who helped turn the Associated Press from a respected news source to a woke parody – is out effective immediately.

Under Buzbee’s leadership, revenue and readership tanked.

Publisher Will Lewis told the newsroom in a town hall meeting following Buzbee’s departure that the paper ran off half its audience in recent years.

The New York Times reported in 2023 that the Post was on track to lose $100 million.

Massive changes are in order.

Megyn Kelly’s response 

Megyn Kelly and guest Dave Rubin discussed the Post’s downfall.

Kelly said the Post’s change in leadership was long overdue as the Post stopped being a reliable source of information and began chasing anti-Trump resistance readers.

“So, the Washington Post is in a slippery downfall, probably to its end,” Kelly began. 

“I mean, it’s hemorrhaging. It’s disgusting! I mean, it’s worse than the New York Times,” Kelly added.

Rubin had a tough time accepting that the Post was even more liberal than the Times.

“Oof, well, we’d have to really think that one through. I mean, the New York Times is unbelievably horrible,” Rubin stated. 

“But it’s particularly perverse, yeah,” Rubin continued.

Kelly countered that the Times was still readable, whereas the Post was now nothing more than a collection of low-rent leftist bloggers.

“But honestly? It’s still readable. Like, you read it and you see its bias and you know you’re getting misled. The Washington Post has turned into Slate,” Kelly shot back.

The Post never attracted Republican readers to begin with – it set its reputation in the early 1970s by helping the FBI stage a deep state coup against Richard Nixon in Watergate – so it wasn’t like the paper had a big margin for error. 

“I mean, it’s disgusting now. And it has been this way for a couple of years. So, I’m shocked! Shocked to learn they’re hemorrhaging readers. They’re leaving in droves!” Kelly exclaimed.

“And it’s not like they have a huge Republican base to begin with, but, you know, even the moderate readers seem to have said, ‘You’re too much for me.’ Even I have said that and I’m in news and getting paid to consume it and I’m like, ‘You’re too much for me.’” Kelly continued.

The Post’s employee blow up

A meeting between Lewis, the new temporary executive editor, and former Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editor-in-chief Matthew Murray put the Post’s problems on display.

“Now, there was a meeting on Monday, today’s Tuesday, where the publisher, Will Lewis, and the new interim executive editor Matt Murray met with staff. And they, they got rid of the, Sally Buzbee, who had led the paper for a number of years, and made a shocking announcement, okay,” Kelly recounted.

According to reports about the meeting, the main concern of the Post’s staff wasn’t how leadership planned to turn the paper around.

The biggest gripe was about the fact that new leadership didn’t adhere to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Count them. Not one, not two, not three. Four white men,” Kelly said of reporters whining about the new leadership team.

Anti-Trump reporter Ashley Parker’s pointed statement to Lewis typified the woke madness that consumed the Post’s newsroom.

“The most cynical interpretation sort of feels like you chose two of your buddies to come in and help run the Post. And we now have four White men running three newsrooms,” Parker reportedly said.

Liberals don’t view the media as a business or even a vehicle for informing the public.

It’s an institution that exists to serve their political agenda.

And right now at the Post, the top priority for the staff is DEI.

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