Liz Cheney has a lot of explaining to do after one January 6 smoking gun surfaced

Jun 10, 2024

Liz Cheney helped lead the runaway train January 6th Committee witch hunt.

The committee’s report boosted Democrats in the 2022 Midterms and provided a roadmap for Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith’s sham charges against Donald Trump.

And Liz Cheney has a lot of explaining to do after one January 6 smoking gun surfaced.

New red flags about the January 6th Committee 

One of the most explosive moments of the January 6th Committee’s hearings came when Cassidy Hutchinson testified in the summer of 2022.

Hutchinson –  a former top aide to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows – delivered a dramatic account of how Donald Trump supposedly attacked his Secret Service limo drive and tried to commandeer the steering wheel when his protective detail informed him they wouldn’t take him to the Capitol following his speech to the crowd that had assembled for the rally.

There was just one problem with Hutchinson’s account.

It was entirely fiction.

The Secret Service limo driver sought to testify before the committee to correct the record.

But Liz Cheney and her fellow committee members dragged their feet.

Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) is running the investigation into the January 6th Committee’s conduct.

Loudermilk revealed these explosive details in an interview with Just the News, No Noise.

What Loudermilk discovered 

Loudermilk explained that the driver and the head of Trump’s Secret Service detail weren’t brought in to testify until November.

“We’re talking about the driver of the limousine, and the head of the entire protective detail,” Loudermilk stated.

“They were brought in by the select committee to testify, but they weren’t brought in until November,” Loudermilk added.

Loudermilk explained that Hutchinson testified in June and that the limo driver’s attorney took the committee to task for rebuffing his clients repeated offers to testify.

“It was in June when they paraded Hutchinson before the world, and they let the world hear the stories. And what’s interesting is in the very beginning of the driver’s testimony, his attorney starts off by chastising the select committee,” Loudermilk added.

“And he said we offered to come in July, August, September, and now it’s November. So we found out for the first time that the driver had been offering to come in and testify under oath as far back as just a few weeks after Cassidy made these claims, but the select committee would not bring them in,” Loudermilk continued.

Liz Cheney in the spotlight 

Just the News reported that it was Liz Cheney who offered a number of flimsy excuses about why it didn’t bring in the limo driver to testify earlier.

“The transcript also shows that Cheney tried to explain to the driver’s lawyer why there was such a long delay in accepting his offer to testify, claiming the committee wanted to wait until the Secret Service produced all documents in the January 6 investigation,” Just the News reported.

But Hutchinson testified before the Secret Service produced all the requisite documents.

Loudermilk dismissed this explanation by Cheney.

“Well, it’s kind of clear that it either was the worst case of preserving documents in the history of the House of Representatives, or that they were only trying to keep those testimonies away,” Loudermilk exclaimed.

“Because, you know, immediately they bring Cassidy Hutchinson to the forefront, then they wait until November to even bring in the Secret Service agent,” Loudermilk concluded.

That allowed the false impression left by Cassidy that Trump was an out-of-control madman willing to violently attack his own bodyguards in a desperate bid to remain in power to marinate in the minds of voters prior to the Midterm elections.

Trump endorsed candidates in key Senate and gubernatorial elections, who lost in large part because of GOP defections over January 6.

The Committee presenting a false picture of what happened that day helped poison the voter perception of Trump-backed candidates.

And affecting the election – and not presenting the truth – was always the real goal of the January 6th Committee.

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