Letitia James could kick Trump out of his house with this sneaky court move

Mar 25, 2024

New York Attorney General Letitia James relentlessly pursues her vindictive lawfare against Donald Trump.

James is moving in for the kill.

And Letitia James could kick Trump out of his house with this sneaky court move.

James moves to seize Trump properties 

The deadline for Donald Trump to post a $464 million bond to stave off enforcement of the sham civil fraud judgment imposed by Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron is March 25.

If Trump doesn’t post the bond or win a stay in court by the deadline, James is making moves to seize Trump properties and sell them off to satisfy the bond.

This means if Trump wins on appeal he will get the money back, but his properties are gone forever.

Punishing Trump for winning the election in 2016 and running for re-election was the point of this case, as James used New York’s civil fraud statute for the first time in a case where there were no victims or criminal charges.

James has filed a judgment in Westchester County, meaning she could be getting ready to seize Trump’s Seven Springs golf course and private estate.

Judge Engoron’s judgment was already entered in Manhattan, meaning James could seize Trump Tower, bar the doors, and rip the “Trump sign” off the front of the building.

But that may not even be the extent of James’ lust for revenge.

James could seize Mar-a-Lago

Former Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told Newsmax that the judgment allows James to seize Trump properties anywhere in the world to sell them off and satisfy the debt, which means that taking Mar-a-Lago and booting Trump out of his home is on the table.

“Absolutely, I do, because that’s the model of Letitia James is to politically take down Donald Trump and she feels like this image, I believe, of taking over the buildings, padlocking the doors, taking the Trump signs off, and freezing his assets will ultimately kind of take away the veneer that surrounds President Trump,” Sekulow stated

“They can go, by the way, out of state, so they can even seize Mar-a-Lago,” Sekulow added. “I mean, I think she’ll start in New York where she said she’s got her eyes on it, but this could go nationwide.”

Trump responds

In response, Trump took to social media to blast Engoron and James for selective, political persecution in a case where everyone admitted there were no victims.

In the post, Trump pointed out that Engoron imposed such a hefty judgment, knowing full well no bank would post the bond and thus allow James to dismantle his real estate empire.

“Even though I did nothing wrong, a Radical Left New York Judge, a true Trump Hater, Arthur Engoron (Are we allowed to speak about his Unconstitutional Gag Order?), picked a number out of THIN AIR, $355,000,000, plus interest (reminiscent of John Lovitz, “The Liar,” on SNL when it was good), & wants me to bond it, which is not possible for bonding companies to do in such a high amount, before I can even Appeal. That is CRAZY! If I sold assets, and then won the Appeal, the assets would be forever gone. Also, putting up money before an Appeal is VERY EXPENSIVE. When I win the Appeal, all of that money is gone, and I would have done nothing wrong. The Crooked Judge, who has already been overturned 4 times on this case (a record!), fully understands this. He gave us a demand which he knows is impossible to do. This Witch Hunt, between a bad Judge and a Corrupt & Racist Attorney General, is horrible for New York. Businesses are FLEEING, while Violent Crime flourishes. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

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