Karine Jean-Pierre lost her mind with one crazy January 6 comment

Mar 28, 2024

The Democrat Party campaign message for 2024 is going to be all about January 6.

Joe Biden isn’t even going to pretend to run on his record.

And Karine Jean-Pierre lost her mind with one crazy January 6 comment.

Jean-Pierre weights in on NBC hiring Ronna Romney McDaniel  

Liberals in the media spent days engaged in a struggle session over NBC hiring former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel as a paid contributor.

Leftist activists in the press whined about NBC hiring a Republican because members of the media don’t think anyone who supports Donald Trump should be allowed to have their voice heard.

This topic came up in the White House press briefing – because if there is one thing reporters all love, it’s making the story all about themselves – and pointed to Biden’s comments at the Gridiron Dinner praising his allies in the media as supposedly being essential to democracy.

“Look, we’re always very mindful about personnel decisions, in this instance being made by a media organization, and I’ll say a couple of things and I’ll quote the president in a second. You all heard him at the Gridiron dinner very recently, about two weekends ago, he spoke directly about the critical role that journalists play and they have in protecting our democracy by making sure that the public knows the truth, that the public knows the facts, and what he said is, ‘we need you, democracy is at risk, and the American people need to know in fractured times, they need a context and a perspective. They need substance to match the enormity of the task,’” Jean-Pierre stated.

“It is a big task that journalists have, and we understand that and the facts and the truth are critical here. I’m not going to make on comments on that personnel decision, but more broadly speaking, it is important. It is a burden on all of us here,” Jean-Pierre added.

Karine Jean-Pierre turns the discussion to January 6

Jean-Pierre readily took the opportunity to attack Donald Trump over the claim that he incited an insurrection on January 6, insisting Romney McDaniel was emblematic of a Republican Party that didn’t agree in the concept of free and fair elections.

“I’ll answer it this way. You saw what happened on January 6. We saw what happened when 2,000 people, a mob went to the Capitol and undermined our democracy, attacked our democracy because they didn’t believe in free and fair elections,” Jean-Pierre continued.

Liberals in the press agree that Joe Biden’s only chance to win this election is making it a referendum on January 6.

The 2022 Midterms showed that any Republican who tried to relitigate that day or who based their campaign message about continuing to fight over the 2020 election lost.

NBC hiring Ronna Romney McDaniel provided a two-fer where liberals in the press could escalate their campaign to censor and cancel conservatives and Biden could double down on the January 6 message.

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