Karine Jean-Pierre gave this one answer to a softball question that was so bad she had to put out a rare clarification

Oct 27, 2023

Joe Biden’s truth-challenged Press Secretary usually does a good job of stonewalling and ignoring the media.

And for the most part, the mainstream media lets her get away with it.

But Karine Jean-Pierre recently gave one answer to a softball question that was so bad she had to put out an explanation.

It was a simple question really.

An easy layup, but she dunked on herself

At a recent news conference, KJP was asked a layup question about anti-Semitism.

Many even thought it was a planted question for her.

But then her response was so bad that she was forced to issue a clarification statement just hours later.

And saying her response was that bad is really saying something given her usual poor performance.

Biden’s Press Secretary was forced to issue her clarification after a horribly inappropriate and disgusting response to what should have been a softball question about rising anti-Semitism in the United States.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre at the daily press briefing whether or not the Biden administration was concerned about rising anti-Semitism “in light of everything that’s going on in Israel.” 

But instead of dunking the layup inquiry, KJP gave a bizarre response.

First, she falsely claimed there are no “credible threats” of anti-Semitism, and then she made her big pivot.

She instead began expounding about anti-Islamic sentiment across the country.

“Look, Muslim [sic] and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks. And certainly President Biden understands that many of our Muslim, Arab-Americans, and Palestinian-American loved ones and neighbors are worried about the hate being directed at their communities,” Jean-Pierre said.

Even the media was befuddled

Jean-Pierre’s shocking response took even the pro-Biden media by surprise.

That’s because the evidence is clear, not only are year-over-year incidents of anti-Semitism increasing, but Hamas’ recent attack on Israel triggered a new wave of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic protests across the U.S.

Unfortunately, these attacks have largely been disguised as pro-Palestinian rallies. 

And, of course, the situation on college campuses has been even worse.

In addition to blatant antisemitic statements released by student groups, there have been increasingly violent demonstrations, and at one college in New York, Jewish students were even cornered and locked in a library in fear of their lives.

Jean-Pierre’s response received such a huge backlash both in the mainstream media and on social media that she was forced to issue a clarification just hours after the briefing ended, something she is not normally fond of doing.

“To be clear: the President and our team are very concerned about a rise in antisemitism, especially after the horrific Hamas terrorist attack in Israel,” Jean-Pierre posted on X.

But her explanation did not sit well, even with some Democrats.

Florida Democrat Congressman Jared Moskowitz, for one, was not happy at all.

“What a weak answer. And why are you looking in the book? What’s the approved answer? The simple answer is yes, you are concerned about the rise of antisemitism,” he responded to KJP. “Of course we are also worried about hatred against Muslim Americans. Must do better.”

Doing better is a tall order for KJP.

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