Kamala Harris went too far with this claim about Civil War

Jan 22, 2024

Kamala Harris is not known to be a gifted public speaker or politician.

Harris proved that once again.

And Kamala Harris went too far with this claim about Civil War.

Speaker at the NAACP South Carolina State Conference’s King Day event at the Capitol Dome, Kamala Harris, compared the 2014 Black Lives Matter insurrection in Ferguson, Missouri, following Officer Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown after Brown attacked Wilson following an incident at a convenience store that August.

More violence erupted in November 2014 after a grand jury refused to indict Officer Wilson, as all the evidence clearly indicated Officer Wilson acted in self-defense.

These riots fed the false narrative the Left injects into American discourse about police officers being racist killers on seek and kill missions to gun down unarmed black men.

Six police officers were injured in the violence.

 The Obama administration didn’t treat these events like January 6 and unleash a manhunt to arrest the guilty.

During her speech, Harris claimed Black Lives Matter burning Ferguson to the ground based on the lie spread by woke activists and the media that Officer Wilson shot Brown when Brown had his hands up and surrendered was part of a treasured American tradition of political protest in support of freedom.

Harris even went so far as to compare Black Lives Matter rioting in Ferguson to the Battle of Gettysburg, a decisive event in the Civil War which sealed the Union’s victory over the South.

“I do believe the true power behind the promise of America is in the faith of her people,” Harris declared. “The promise of America, I do believe, is in the faith of the people – our faith in the founding principles of our nation and our profound commitment to make those principles real.”

Harris also compared the Ferguson riots to an insurrection Democrats led on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives, where Democrats invited insurrectionists into the chamber to terrorize Republican legislators into passing red-flag confiscation laws.

“Generation after generation, on the fields of Gettysburg, in the schools of Little Rock, on the grounds of this state house, on the streets of Ferguson, and on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives, we the people have always fought to make the promise of freedom real.”

Democrats constantly falsely accuse Donald Trump of attempting to foment political violence.

Yet again, it’s really the Democrats who are guilty of what they accuse Trump of doing, as Kamala Harris whitewashed riots that injured police officers by claiming the Black Lives Matter rioters were the spiritual heirs to the tradition of American freedom fighters.

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