Kamala Harris set one shameful record that will haunt her forever

Mar 20, 2024

Polls already show that Kamala Harris is the least popular Vice President in American history.

But somehow Harris found a new low to sink to.

And Kamala Harris set one shameful record that will haunt her forever.

Harris disgraces her office by visiting an abortion mill 

Kamala Harris became the first sitting Vice President or President to visit an abortion factory when she visited a Planned Parenthood facility in Minnesota.

On the day Harris made the visit, swing state polls showed Trump leading Biden in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Trump’s retaining a bigger share of his 2020 vote than Biden, meaning that swing voters are rejecting Biden due to the open borders and the still-hot inflation, which shows no sign of cooling down.

Democrats have one card left to play.

And that’s trying to scare suburban women that Donald Trump wants to turn America into the Handmaid’s Tale by banning abortion.

That’s why Harris earned the shameful dishonor of darkening the door of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Only in the upside down world of modern liberalism could Harris tell reporters that protecting the lives of babies by preventing the death of one million unborn children each year represents a “health crisis.”

“I will tell you, it is because right now in our country, we are facing a very serious health crisis. And the crisis is affecting many, many people in our country, most of whom are, frankly, silently suffering after the United States Supreme Court took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America, from the women of America,” Harris declared.

Harris resorts to scare stories 

The Vice president then falsely claimed that abortion – which ends the life of a child – is
“reproductive care” and then listed off a series of scare stories that Harris warned would happen to women around the country if Republicans won power in November.

“In states around our country, extremists have proposed and passed laws that have denied women access to reproductive health care. And the stories abound. I have heard stories and have met with women who had miscarriages in toilets. Women who were being denied emergency care because the health care providers there at an emergency room were afraid that because of the laws in their state that they could be criminalized, sent to prison for providing health care,” Harris added.

No matter how many times Harris tried to drive the message that abortion is healthcare, it just isn’t true.

“So I’m here at this health care clinic to uplift the work that is happening in Minnesota as an example of what true leadership looks like, which is to understand it is only right and fair that people have access to the health care they need, and that they have access to health care in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect,” Harris added.

Health care makes an individual well and restores them to full health.

Abortion does none of those things, as the only point of the procedure is to terminate a human life.

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