John Fetterman just made this unbelievable confession

Jan 23, 2024

John Fetterman is one of the most controversial members of the United States Senate.

But Fetterman had something he needed to get off his chest.

And John Fetterman just made this unbelievable confession.

John Fetterman’s actions over the last several months befuddled both Democrats and Republicans.

Fetterman – who campaigned for Senate as a Bernie Sanders acolyte – sounded an increasingly harsh tone against illegal immigration and drew a hardline in his support for Israel.

Open borders and backing Hamas are two red lines for the far Left, and Fetterman’s actions raised eyebrows as one of the defining characteristics of the left is that no one ever breaks ranks on policy.

In an interview with the New York Post, Fetterman claimed the progressive Left were the ones that left him due to their strident support for open borders.

“Increasingly, [progressives] moved and migrated into some positions that I don’t agree with and I really just feel much more comfortable just being a Democrat,” Fetterman stated.

Fetterman said the Left’s inability to call what is happening at the border appalled him.

“There is a crisis,” Fetterman added. “We have a crisis at our border, and it can’t be controversial that we should have a secure border.”

Fetterman pointed to Biden opening the border to a population of illegal aliens greater than that of Pittsburgh moving into the United States in just one month as an example of how the Left went off rails on the issue of immigration.

“That’s larger than the population of Pittsburgh. . . .That’s [Pennsylvania’s] second largest city — and that’s one month,” Fetterman added.

Fetterman also said Democrat mayors pleading for help as the illegal aliens that Joe Biden trafficks into their cities overrun their communities will force a resolution to this crisis.

“We have Democratic cities across the nation that have brought this issue to the forefront and they deserve to be supported and I believe ultimately they will be supported from a federal level,” Fetterman continued.

The question is why is Fetterman speaking this way.

Polls showed Fetterman was the least popular freshman Senator to enter Congress this year.

Pennsylvania is the classic swing state.

Fetterman was far to the Left of the Pennsylvania electorate, and the fact that Fetterman hid the severity of the stroke he suffered last May combined to drag down his approval numbers.

Even Fetterman realized he was on a course for defeat when he ran for re-election in 2028 unless something changed.

And so Fetterman recalibrated his rhetoric to sound like a moderate in the hopes that all voters pay attention so he can continue to vote the hard Left line in the Senate.

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