Joe Biden’s reaction to Trump’s guilty verdict led to this one word response

Jun 3, 2024

Joe Biden finally got his wish.

A rigged trial run by Democrats delivered the conviction Biden hopes will save his re-election campaign.

But Joe Biden’s reaction to Trump’s guilty verdict led to this one word response.

Biden campaign releases statement in reaction to Trump verdict 

The Biden campaign issued a statement gloating over the sham guilty verdict Biden that his weaponized Justice Department worked to make happen in New York.

“The threat Trump poses to our democracy has never been greater,” the Biden campaign’s statement began.

“He’s running an increasingly unhinged campaign of revenge and retribution, pledging to be a dictator ‘on day one’ and calling for our Constitution to be ‘terminated’ so he can regain and keep power. A second Trump term means chaos, ripping away Americans’ freedoms and fomenting political violence,” the statement concluded.

According to Trump and his supporters, the real threat to democracy is the fact that Biden adopted autocratic tendencies to try and jail his political opponent the way Communist regimes in Cuba, North Korea, and China would.

Trump allies respond 

There was unified rage on the Right in response.

Former New York Congressman Lee Zeldin – a Republican who barely lost a race for Governor in 2022 – previously endorsed Trump in the campaign.

In an appearance on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show, Zeldin could only respond in one word to the Biden campaign celebrating the rigged guilty verdict Democrats handed down against Trump.

“Bull****” was how Zeldin described the Biden campaign’s shameful statement.

Zeldin described Biden trying to jail the opponent leading him in the polls as third-world banana republic-type stuff and the actual threat to end democracy in America.

“Listen, bleep me out if you have to, but that’s bullshit! I mean, the reality is that there is no greater threat to democracy than having Joe Biden and his allies trying to lock President Trump in prison for the rest of his life, to bankrupt him and his family, to remove his name from the ballot so that Americans don’t even have the right to choose for themselves who to pick as the next president,” Zeldin began.

Zeldin said he felt confident that Bolling’s viewers agreed with his assessment of this farce of a trial, its preordained verdict, and the Biden campaign seizing on lawfare as its only path to re-election.

“I don’t want President Biden to ever– I don’t want to hear anyone on the left ever try to lecture the rest of us about attacks on democracy. They have surrendered any attempt at ever having the high road and I think that a lot of your viewers right now who are watching at home are all screaming and cursing with things that I’m not even going to repeat here when they hear you read that quote from President Biden,” Zeldin concluded.

Throughout Donald Trump’s time on the political stage there is one undeniable truth.

And it’s that Democrats are always guilty of what they accused Trump of doing.

The Biden campaign’s reaction to the verdict proved that once again.

Joe Biden says Donald Trump wants to end democracy.

But Zeldin and other Trump supporters argue only dictators enlist the justice system in election years to lock up their opponents.

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